What about Tide effects?

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I wonder if tide variations will be, one day, update in FS2020 ?

We can see from Google Earth lots of detail about tide variation and that’s pretty cool.

I loaded low tide in France but water become just photographyic and you lose water motion.

Next to tides, many lakes have seasonal changes in water levels, some are even dry most of the year. The same for rivers.

It’s probably too much data to track (river and lake levels are all recorded in public domain) however some simple logic would go a long way. The server would have to remember rain fall (record live weather) for river levels. Lake levels on recorded rainfall and seasonal variations.

Tides would be a very great visual add-on here on the east coast of Canada (Bay of Fundy) as well as the southwestern coast of England perhaps. The size of tides in these areas (and probably others) is quite a sight for those who are not familiar with them. This would greatly enhance MSFS 2020 VFR flying!

Tidal bores would be a nice effect, would be a while until this can be rendered

Mont Saint-Michel is at constant high tide in the game, nothing like this

And this whole area falls dry every day

And yep Bay of Fundy

Coast of England

I guess it’s always high tide as the aerial and sat images have all been taken at different times. There must be lots of seams along the coast.

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I’d prefer they worked on getting rivers looking good over anything else right now. Rivers seem to me to be the often over looked detail in the environment that would make a big improvement to the way things look.

Wasnt there a FSX mod for tides and waves?
Maybe something similar can be brought to FS2020

Thats would be amazing for Barra Airport!