What Addon are you waiting for on Xbox?

Yes you can install simconnect and get it working, me and others from the more Veteran Flight Simmers been experimenting with it, I been flight simming since the first one in 1982 and am now 48 years old mostly on PC but since I’m also a console gamer I love it on the Xbox Series X because I get to experience it on the big screen in full 4K and enabling dev kit sure changed my entire experience, custom freeware scenery for example that I download from https://flightsim.to/ like most of us I install on Xbox and pretty much all of them work without needing to modify anything. Programs like little navmap can connect with the sim and all. Just take a bit of time to learn what to do so if you would like to expand your experience i recomment signing up with a 1 time fee to enable the dev kit on Xbox and then dive into it. First order of business would be to look and learn how the file and folder system is setup on the Xbox and move on from there.


PMDG 737 ,they build great airline.

I’m curious how this works and how I do it.


For Xbox also?

Thanks for sharing this info with us.
Could you please somehow rate on a scale from 1 to 10 how difficult is to import the liveries into the sim for regular pc/console user? Or better question would be if there is any manual or instructions which I can follow?

Thank you

Xbox One Developer Mode activation - UWP applications | Microsoft Docs


This is very interesting, will this let me use vatsim etc also would I be able to install the flybywire a320? I definitely want to try this on my xbox just very unsure on what to do etc as there don’t seem to be much information regarding dev mode and msfs, but very interested in learning more about this


I’m curious as well. If this is the answer to getting access to much more freedom on Xbox MSFS I might give this a shot.
I’m just curious how easy it really is and how well everything works.
I wonder if it allows you to get the CRJ on Xbox or not.

Its not that hard, justmake sure that after you got everything installed that you turn xbox dev mode back off and yes even with it off everything will still run that you installed. There is not a single mod that I not been able to get running on Xbox you just have to do everything 1 step at a time. Some mods might need a little modification to get working but it will work.


Hi Patrick,
I had a look on this and I don’t see how this can make work things like navigrah and avsim. Do you confirm that it is possible to have these with dev mode? (if so, any website/youtube video to help achieving this?)
For scenaries and airports, I totally see how to do with dev mode

I activated Dev Mode but there was no way for ne to access the community folder

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@patrickb1973 a tutorial would be brilliant if you get chance to do, just struggling to get things put onto the console


I am just wondering why the possibility with the Xbox Dev Mode was not mentioned before!

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It’s not that easy as just copy paste, you have to ftp to transfer the files, first thing you need to do islearn the folder system on xbox. Took me a month to learn how to get it all setup and working, I’m sure there are documentations still online that explain how to do it and get it all working. But for transfering files ftp from your pc to console

Let’s see a video…plz

It could definitely use its own topic, not many people even know about the option to enable it and such

I looked at such videos but they are a year old. I think some things have changed.

Somehow I can’t pass the partner registration stuff.
From what I understand, I would need to have an actual company to be able to do that.
I don’t have a software development company though.
And without that whole partner registration stuff, the console cannot be used in dev mode.

lol…the winter season was uploaded to microsoft weeks before…

Yes, but I submitted an updated version since the old one I sent them was outdated. There has been several revisions after I submitted that.


dont get me wrong. i respect your work and passion for it… but the bottleneck is at Asobo / microsoft. they really must rework their internal process for the marketplace to speed everything up

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