What Addon are you waiting for on Xbox?

I am waiting for ORBX, Just Flight’s PA28, and Fly Tampa. I would also like PMDG to release their B737 range but I guess the PC users have been waiting for that to. Like many I have been blown away by how good MSFS is on here. I have run FS5, 98, FS2004 and FSX before giving up as I couldn’t keep up with the constant upgrades needed to my PC. The constant running out of virtual memory and CTDs. My next spell of time off from work will be spent sorting out my Thrustmaster HOTAS One, which should arrive today, flying with the XBox controller is a challenge! Then it will be a matter of seeing if there are any discounts for all the FSDream Team, Aerosoft, and Fly Tampa Sceneries I have owned on earlier versions.


Cant wait for WhiskeyJet Simulations to release their A220, thats number one.
I will definitely go for 777 and some more private jets whenever they arrive (quite sure about 777, but the private jets Im not that sure)

Also more liveries are must have thing…the S7 on A320 and KLM on B78X are not enough. Talking about real liveries for airliners and more “realistic” liveries for private jets. Whether any 3rd party will place some livery pack as payware into marketplace or it will go any other way does not matter for me at this point.


I’m hoping there will be an update for the Greek islands on Xbox. There are so many Greek islands and they’re all different and equally as great to look at.

i hope will be a320fbw


Me too, I’m absolutely loving the sim on my XBOX. It looks great and performs really well.

I’m also waiting for ORBX and some of the PMDG mods.

Bust mostly, I’m hoping for some “living world” mods - such as better AI traffic (such as liveries) and AI shipping (as my waterways are empty - I flew over Sydney harbour and not a boat in sight!). I’m also hoping that someone will port a career mode to the marketplace which we could then use, as Simconnect is not currently supported.


Has anyone downloaded the add on for more realistic runways/airport grounds? It’s 11 quid so I am tempted but would like to know if it is worth it.

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I did and so far it’s good - haven’t had any performance issues. It also had a good rating so that’s why I bought it. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily change the game all that much - just the runways so I could live without it. But the price was reasonable. I would suggest watching some comparison videos or reviews on Youtube.


Yeah good shout, will do cheers.

Mainly some good detail prop planes are what I am really looking forward too. I love cruising along coastlines and rivers. Ocasionally landing in a field close to them and carrying on my flight.

I have not found a particular " home airport " so for now I am not in the market for specific airports or so.


FBW A320 & A380, Orbx (& partner) international airport sceneries, realistic AI / traffic inc liveries and all the Thrustmaster Airbus goodies.


Same here, I’ve tried using the bigger planes thousands of feet in the air and I just don’t enjoy it. I went round the south coast of Wales and back up the west coast on Saturday and it was amazing. Went up the coast of the north west of England/Cumbria and Scotland yesterday, I always have live weather and time so was pleasantly surprised to see it was nice and sunny!


As I said in the original post I love General Aviation and have enjoyed Carenado and Just Flight aircraft. I enjoy navigating with VORs and NDBs, I also liked and owned all the UK2000 airfields on FSX and FS2004. I loved the Mediterranean airfields that Aerosoft have produced, I think they were called Holiday Destinations. I look forward to using the PMDG B737/777 and maybe FBW A320 on medium haul routes. I hope the different companies and Microsoft read these discussions and take note of what we are all waiting for.

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I don’t recall Whiskey Jet Simulations, I will look them up.

For me i would like to see the ORBX stuff, the controller from Turtle beach looks interesting and the Thrustmaster instruments. I am using the controller and keyboard and starting to getting that adjusted but the thumbsticks are too finicky.

First, what I have already purchase on PC :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Orbx Duvbai, London (will coming soon), Paris and Sydney
  • Samscene Tokyo
  • Drzewiecki Moscow
  • FranceVFR Obstacles

In a second time (I will waiting their availability on Xbox before purchase them):

  • Orbx Adelaide, Brisbane
  • Carenado PA28R Arrow III

I think its their first product or at least major one, but looks very promising.

Cant wait for FBW A320 and Gliders :smiley: but i think for Glides Asobo must rework the whole weather system.


I have heard the Just Flight PA 28 is something to behold, although I am tempted by Carenado’s aircraft though. The ORBX London scenery looks amazing, my son is an ambassador for ORBX, he has a PPL and runs MSFS on a PC. Just wish Microsoft would get a move on and make it available on Marketplace.

I agree, I struggle with the Xbox controller. My Thrustmaster HOTAS One was meant to arrive today, maybe tomorrow! Hopefully by the time I get it they will have sorted out the button mapping!

Bora Bora and the Society Islands