What are Decrease Flaps (Continous) for?

I’ve been looking at this and the corresponding Increase Flaps (Continuous), and I have no idea how they work. I’m flying the 208B which has incremental flaps, so I thought this might work for the 208, but assigning a button to these does nothing.

Any ideas?

No idea about what that function really does in MSFS, but some aircraft do have ‘continuous’ flaps. DC/MD’s ‘Dial-a-flap’ is one example.

More info here:

Some aircraft like 172 have flaps that have either up or down position, no 10, 20, 30 degree slot. You have to manually count the seconds for 10 degrees 20 and 30/full flaps. It will also show generally where its at on the flaps placcard but you are taught to count, 1 one thousand 2 one thousand etc then release or put the lever back to stop the flaps from going further. I’m guessing thats what its for?

Yes, and the C208 seems to be one of them. If you use your mouse to pull the flaps lever in the plane, you’ll see you can set them at any level you desire, not just the notches that most planes have. ie: you can set the C208’s flaps at 10% even tho the first flap level is 20%.

This is called for in the PoH for certain situations, and I thought this continuous setting in the flaps would allow for it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when a button is assigned to it.

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Not sure which 172 you fly, but all the 172s I’ve seen uses this type of flap indicator. You can set it in an in-between position like 6 or 17 degrees, but I never saw anyone do it. It’s always 10, 20 or full. I guess Asobo just assumed that and used notches instead.

The Duchess has an up/down switch that moves the flaps up/down continuously (which I guess is what the MSFS control is for) but I always follow the gauge and stop the flaps switch at the indicated flap positions. The indicated positions are used as reference for the calculations in the AFM/POH/P-Charts, unless you fly a DC/MD aircraft with dial-a-flap.


There are many different 172’s lol. You can go find one that im talking about on Youtube. In fact Mraviation101 flew one of those a while back. His I believe was a 172N. I’ll find it for you in a bit

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I am also trying to figure out how to make “Increase/Decrease Flaps (Continuous)” work in the Cessna 208. You can set flaps anywhere you like by pulling the lever with the mouse, but setting this function to CTRL-F6 for Decrease and CTRL-F7 for Increase doesn’t seem to do anything. I’d like to be able to move the flaps gently and slowly. The 206 has big flaps, and in MSFS, the F6 and F7 toggles move the flaps so fast - much faster than the flap motors in the real aircraft work, I think - that the aircraft jerks upward or downward quite violently. I’ll keep experimenting. Maybe this is a function that works on some of the planes, but not the 208? MSFS is still so new that there must still be hundreds of bugs to be worked out.

UPDATE December 12. Per HeliBrewer’s suggestion further down this in this thread, I tried to attach the mouse wheel as a “rotary input” for Continuous Flaps, and it still doesn’t work.

The “continuous” means you assign it to a rotary input instead of a button input

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I’ve tried doing this to one of the rotary inputs on my X56, and it never worked.

On my X56 it’s assigned to the rotary knob on the left throttle

Which one? The top or bottom one? Because I know I tried those for the C208 and they didn’t move the flaps.

When I say left or right throttle I’m referring to the split throttle quadrant. The left side throttle, it only has 1 on the top, outside. The right side throttle I use for rudder (top) and prop pitch (lower).

Ok, I’ll have to try them again, I’m not sure if I tried that control for continuous.

Just curious, I use the the top rotary on the right for Trim in all the aircraft. What do you use for Trim on your’s?