What are some good programs that would work with the sim?

Hi there,
What are some good programs that would work along side with the sim? Any help is greatly appreciated .Thanks in advance.

Depends on what you want to do with those programs?

For navigation charts. I like Navigraph. It also updates the sim’s default navigation aids, improving them.

This is maybe what you ask for:

My fav’s are: littlenavmap, windy and Radio garden.

Fly safe

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Radiooooo.com is awesome too

Look at Smoothtrack. very godwith the head movemnt. Just needs a few minutes setting up and away you go, no need to flick switches, just turn your head.

I use Remote Virtual Cockpit for TBM on my iPad. Makes flicking switches and doing more than one thing while flying 100x easier.

Hi there, Thanks guys for the help and information. I will check them out.