What are the graphic settings that have the most impact in FPS?

For 1080p some of us actually have to raise renderscale a few pegs above 100 or we get mainthread locked. However there is a distinct uplift in antialiasing quality so they’re not wasted pixels. Something you laptop owners should play with is DSR in NVCP global settings, you might get a nice surprise.

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Before I got my 4K monitor I played with DSR AND with msfs upscaling. I was looking to see if one was better on frames than the other. Both settled me on about the same result, which was an upscaling of 125%. The visual quality of the 125% on the 1080p brought back visuals to pre SU5, IMO… This put me into a tail spin. I started debating with myself it is was worth getting a 4k monitor. What ended up driving the decision is i just wanted a larger monitor and ended getting 4k as well. Now that i have a 4K, i settled on 65% render which was close to the 125% on the 1080p, but i would like to think that i have much better visual quality. But i wonder if it just because of larger monitor, i don’t know. But circle back to the topic question, render scaling looks to be the biggest bottle neck to FPS. once again, in my opinion.

Oddly enough when I change from ultra to low I do not get any increase in FPS?

I’ve tried to play around but nothing changes.

32gb ram
1tn ssd

That’s extremely odd - I did a little test about 10 days ago on a partly-cloudy daytime flight about 1,600’ up over NY Harbor a couple miles from the end of Manhattan looking north. At 1440p and everything set to Ultra, I was getting 57 - 62 FPS. With the game paused and not changing anything but graphics, at Low I was getting 111-115 fps.

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2TB nVME M.2 drive

Yeah I can’t seem to figure it out along with an FPS loss after play.

It’s because you are CPU-bound. If you open the dev mode fps counter, you will see that you are limited by the main thread. Once you increase your GPU load to become GPU limited, those settings will start to matter. But right now, your CPU is the only thing working hard, and that is the very condition you need to correct for. It’s the cause of stutters, most hitching, and a lot of other rendering issues.

If you look at other recent threads referring to stutters and low performance close to the ground, the answers are in there.


But with a system like that he should not be CPU bound per se at anything but Ultra settings. Certainly lowering the graphics settings all the way to Low should allow much higher frame rates unless he’s got them locked in NVP or in the sim’s graphics settings. .

The only settings that affect CPU are LOD and traffic.

So no, he will not see any difference in fps, no matter how much he moves the rest of the sliders and settings, as long as the CPU has the highest render latency.

The GPU render latency will decrease with lower settings and lower render scaling. The render latency will increase with higher settings and higher render scaling. None of that matters if you are main thread limited.

His FPS is limited by his CPU. I guarantee it. Read the link I posted a few replies ago for more details.

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Look, he says he went from Ultra to Low. Go check where the sim sets the LOD sliders and Traffic Density for those - they are not the same.

Ergo, he should get getting better performance by changing the settings with his system specs.

Should. But won’t. Because if he IS using the stock presets, which it sounds like you are suggesting, then there really isn’t a scenario that he will encounter where a 3070ti is loaded enough to matter. The CPU is the bottleneck, and unless he cranks up his graphics settings (everything except LODs or traffic) and increases render scaling, that CPU is setting his FPS. This isn’t speculation. These are facts.

I have a 1080p monitor, a 3060ti, and a 10700k. If I want to set my LODs at 200, I have to set everything to Ultra and force the card to render 80% of 4k to ensure the GPU is loaded properly. If he hasn’t done something similar, then he is CPU bound.


I can confirm. On my 1920x1080 monitor I get a “smooth” performance with everything maxed and all sliders to the right (well at least as smooth as 15fps can give me). With these settings the only way I can get better frames is by lowering both LOD and graphics/renderscale, dropping either on it’s own doesn’t actually work … Of course I don’t play at these settings but I do fiddle with them occasionally.

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That makes sense thank you. I’ll search around for answers.

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yeah oddly it doesn’t change.

secondly, If I start at heathrow for example I can get 40/50 FPS but if I just sit there for an hour thats almost halfed no matter what I do with my settings I can’t regain it.

Dev mode FPS counter does say I am main thread limited. would you have any suggestions?

Here you go. In this thread there are a lot of explanations and instructions on how to get things set. Really try to take in everything as far as not only which settings to adjust, but also how to check that the settings you are adjusting are doing what you want them to do.

It is a very long read, and a lot of information can be found in follow-up questions from other users.

Try to get through the whole thing, though. Once you figure out what setting does what, and play with it for a while, you will find that there is no setting combination or pre-determined levels that you can apply that fit your build. All PCs are different, and your results after tuning will be your own. All of the settings’ levels or numbers posted are for reference only, and many of them no longer apply since updates to the sim have been applied.

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Thank you very much for this!

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You bet, good luck! The rabbit hole you’re about to go down is a deep one, but it will be worth your time.

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I already noticed! Hahaha

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Wow @Grabber523 thanks alot man!

The difference I have just seen applying the methods you provided is astonishing!

I increased my render scale to 180 on full Ultra and reduced LOD and Terrain LOD to 175.

I am no longer main thread limited but GPU limited. No more stutters visuals look amazing and smooth play.

I’ll never adjust settings based off FPS again.

I’m sure I can get it better again with a little more tweaking as you mentioned but I’ll just enjoy it for now :wink:


RTX 3070TI
I9 11900K

I’ve attached a screenshot may help people get a better understanding. I had no clue!

First screen shot on the ground at EGKK
Second one at FL 360


Nice! Thank-you!


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