What are the Most Scenic Places to Fly GA/VFR in the UK and Ireland Post-Update?

Hi folks, I want to do some VFR flying in the UK and Ireland. Do you have some suggestions of scenic places to visit aside from the White Cliffs of Dover and London?

Brecon, Snowdonia, Lake District and Scottish Highlands.

Outer Skerries is also very nice


The Scottish Highlands are great. I’ve created some flight plans that show them off over at worldflights.tour

See Highland Magic and More Highland Magic

Would be keen to hear recommendations of places to explore in Ireland!


Not the White Cliffs Of Dover as the horrendous long time issues of late Pop In ruins the experience massively, avoid until Asobo actually fix this properly.

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You may find this interesting Bush talk radio
It adds poi s to the sim and when you fly over them gives an audio description

You may note that nobody has said “Stoke on Trent” yet. For me, it is Wales and Scotland. Linking them , sort of, are the Pennines. Really, all of Britain is beautiful and makes me rub my eyes on every flight.

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