What are your sound settings?

I feel like most people haven’t spent any time at all on their ingame sound settings. I just took a much closer look after playing since launch, and just discovered an option for headphone simulation, which is just amazing! Cockpit sound is a lot less noisy and more comfortable, now I just need to figure out how to lower to external sound to match the same lower level of the headphone simulation.

What are your sound settings? Do you have all your sliders at 100%?

PS: What is active window spatial sound and should have this enabled?


Much like FSX, I have the external view sound turned way down so I don’t blow my hearing.

I use headphones on my PC when in the sim, so the headphones simulation works perfectly.

For now I avoid the VHF degradation as I’d rather have more background radio traffic than less for immersion.

Which sound setting is for external view exactly? I don’t see one that’s named anything like external view.

all my sliders are at 100%

Same question here :raising_hand_man: Where do you set the sound output for the external view?it’s pretty loud when changing from the cockpit to external…

Mine is set up to match levels with other pc sound sources i.e. Windows Media Player

At least in VR, the spatial sound is when you turn your head to one side and you hear the sound coming out to one side (ear facing the monitor) of the speakers headset. In order to have this effect you have to turn it off. If you have it in, then you heard always through both speakers independently to where you move you head

Spatial sound versus Surround Sound.

I’m not an audiophile, but I hang out with these folks, the elevator speech explanation is that Spatial artificially spreads out the sound further to make it sound more than just left and right output (i.e., Stereo), but Surround has a vertical component (as well as a rear speaker as in 5.1).

For those asking about External View, the biggest output in that camera view is the engine, so I turn that way down - Engines are at 60, Voices at 90, everything else default at 100. The engines are just too overpowering in the outside view, just like FSX.

In-cockpit, doesn’t matter because I’m simulating NR headsets anyway, so the engines are supposed to sound muffled.

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If you have a monitor with built-in speakers and they are not being used》set up atc(comms) to play through those. Another thing to try》 pick up a single or pair of small USB speakers and set those to play comms.

Turning engine sounds down really helps to hear everything else. Did you notice the rain drops hitting the aircraft?

I turn down engines because the ICON makes a rattling sound that drives me crazy (mostly from outside behind the plane) But I like them UP higher for the heavys because their engines sound great.

I use my headset 95% of the time. All audio cranked to 100. My headset is haptic aswell, so I feel all the rumbling loveliness of the engines!

From time-to-time I use the headphone simulation, mainly in prop planes like the VL-3… it makes things far easier on the ears when flying for a long period of time.

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