What ATC are you guys using?

Vatsim. It’s really the best once you’ve gotten used to it.


VATSIM, haven’t tried the others, I don’t use the in game ATC.


VATSIM, because ingame ATC, is everything BUT realistic/trustfull.
And if I happen to do a flight without VATSIM, I don’t use ATC at all. I do use realtime traffic to avoid the “feeling alone and lonely i the skies”, effect, but definitely NO ingame ATC !

  • IVAO
  • P3
  • Pilot2ATC
  • PilotEdge
  • Other
  • None of the above

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Here’s your poll! I added IVAO and PilotEdge to the list, as well.


VATSIM since 2009 and I love it. I use it in MSFS, P3D and XP.

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There isn’t much (offline) choice when it comes to ICAO phraseology unfortunately, which is used in most of the world in one form or another. Somehow the whole flightsim world always uses FAA phraseology.


I have the in-sim ATC switched off, too annoying, doesn’t work at all well.

But for ambiance this works really well: FS-ATC-Chatter Overview – Stick and Rudder Studios



None of them!

Except for Vatsim I have to type in what to say beforehand - doesn’t make sense.
And Vatsim?
I need to see which airports are busy first. If i’m lucky they stay until i leave. And when I arrive at my destination, nobody is there anymore. Even stupider.


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What about POSCON? @N316TS maybe add that one to your list too!

Sorry, once I setup the poll, I can’t change it or else it will wipe out everyone’s votes! :frowning:

I agree on your argument about VATSIM. But… still the best ATC experience according to me. But the deception of having to check online first, where ATC is available; then launch the flight, plan it on simbrief, setup the cockpit, start the flight; to finally have no ATC on any FL upon arrival, is tremendously huge.
thats why, is stick to weekly events days of some specific airport, which i know are going to be open upon arrival. But that “forces” you to fly always to the same destination, and only the departure airport will change. But at least you’ll know for sure you’ll have ATC at least for departure AND arrival.
My top 3 airports for arrival ( in terms of reliability of presence untill 20h00/20h30 UTC) are EKCH (Mondays),EGKK (any days),and EDDM (Wednesdays). You’ll NEVER be disapointed with these ones, on these days :wink:

I do enjoy Vatsim and it’s by far and away the most realistic but I’m afraid there are rarely more than a handful of people using it, which totally negates the point of it.

Over the UK it’s unusual to see more than 2 or 3 controllers, and they often cover the same airports over and over again. If you don’t want to fly out of Gatwick you’ll be disappointed.

It’s such a shame because this could be fantastic, but it only works if people use it.

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They should just built one big network somehow, connect IVAO, VATSIM and whatever else there is out there together. I looked into this PilotEdge, it’s covering the US west coast only? So totally useless in Europe, Pilot2ATC uses FAA phraseology from what I have seen. So not much good alternatives. Keep pressing Asobo to get their act together is about all we can do.


That would never happen nor could it.

Totally agree.

It’s a shame there isn’t a deal to be done with NATS to have their brand new controllers practice using Vatsim :laughing:

The other issue with VS is people use it then don’t use voice which again totally negates the point of using the program. Unless you have no option (i.e. a disability of some sort) then who on Earth wants to type ATC out. Primo way to destroy immersion and totally impractical.

@Maki152 Why couldn’t it? Do tell.

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VATSIM and IVAO are structured in totally different ways.

For sure, but that wouldn’t stop them coming together if they so wished.

Having rival networks in this way benefits no one, and the empty skies of vatsim are a testament to that.

Probably the busiest time of day in real-world aviation and there is one ground controller and a handful of aircraft. It’s such a shame.

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I wouldn’t mind paying for a PilotEdge service for Europe or maybe one single country like Ireland, France or the UK. I find PilotEdge lacks in cross country flights and prevents a subscription.

VatSim is also another great alternative but with a lack of “active” controllers you can’t just spin up and go where you want. Plus, if you fly GA and want to depart Gatwick you’d better eat beforehand.

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They wouldn’t want to and people choose VATSIM over IVAO and vice versa for a reason.

It does, it allows for competition.

Depends on what time it is and where you fly, remember they’re volunteer networks. Having said that I’ve seen ZBW up virtually all day (not uncommon actually). Even outside of events you can find positions staffed up and a lot of traffic (and I love TrackIR for this). During events (which happen very frequently) traffic can reach levels that flow control comes into effect.

EDIT: I’m looking very forward to the CalScream event…


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I prefer listening in to real world live ATC when I’m flying. Combined with live traffic its so immersive. Not available everywhere mind you.