What did you do in MFS today?

Blériot XI Gnome over Helgoland


Huh, that’s odd. I did a flight in the 787 from New York to London Heathrow just today and never saw anything like this.

It was down in Cape Town (FACT) right over the airport.

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Yesterday was my first complete solo flight using 320neo, from cold and dark alltheway to destination with no assistance, ILS landing and it went incredibly well, no crash to mountains, no runway incursion… I know it is not much generaly but it is huge leap forward for me. So far i was using King Air at most. Hours of study of tutorials, YouTube videos and theoretical preparations has paid off. I am proud of myself :wink: So where is my realworld pilot licence? Where can I apply? :slight_smile:


I tried to do the update w/o loops - and got reminded back to last year, when installer was stuck whole time… :frowning:


It was a landing, barely at minimums, at Bergerac (LFBE) using the RNAV approach into Rwy 27 on the second leg of my around the world challenge. But I only went and bloody nailed it!

A circumnavigation in the TBM 930 - Fly Together / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


This was yesterday another stormy morning:


Flight in the A320NX (British Airways new “Better World” livery) from LIPZ to EGKK.

Preparing for departure at Gate 327 Venice

Pushback complete… releasing the tug

Take and departing RWY 22R on the ROK6V SID

Finally above the cloud and into the blue

Over France heading North with the cloud breaking up beneath

Ready to enter the Arrival Data

Coasting out over the French Coast

Over East Sussex descending into Gatwick

Taxiing on Taxiway Juliet after landing at Gatwick RWY26L

Close down on Gatwick’s Pier 2 Stand 12


CDG to LHR this morning…no screenshots taken, was too busy admiring the breathtaking sights…also got run over by a 787 at LHR today. So yea, just a typical day…

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Take a walk with the CRJ 700 what a plane…

Over Germany

KDCA Washington


Hunting bad clouds out in India… out in out in out in India


Durban to Cape Town night flight in the A320.

Arriving in Cape Town:


I mainly pulled my hair out, then switched it off, had a few beers and watched Youtube :slight_smile:


Managed my first landing in a commercial airliner Schiphol to Heathrow.

A bit hair raising on the approach managed to save everyone :joy:

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I don’t know about anyone else, but performance and MSFS servers are awesome tonight – staying well above 35 fps consistently (up to even 50) on 4k ULTRA HDR. Beautiful evening from Denver to Dallas.


Flew the Mooney again! It works. :slight_smile:
Fuel tank selection is functional again.


yes, just updated, but didn’t flew yet, fall in new love mk1 so need some time for jump in other horse

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Buenos Aires to Rio

lotta mist around for the landing, and had a near miss on approach.

ATC brought me down slightly late and missed the gs. Might have to revert to not using atc at this rate… sigh

Still fluro pink textures, otherwise a nice overhead shot of Rio airport.

Mike had an anomaly during taxiing I think

near miss…

then a quick spin in the spit near Exmouth, Australia