What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

This is not only about screenshots. But also screenshots but mainly about your daily experiences with MSF which you hopefully share!
I am especially attracted to technical games that simulate aspects of real life and have an educational impact. So it was clear that I also have to deal with MFS. I am still at the beginning, but I am learning every day.

After the latest patch, like probably everyone here, I first tested the performance. And I am one of the lucky ones who got a little bit more out of this patch. So today I adjusted my graphic settings and now I have an even better gaming experience.
My flight today will take me from EGDI to LIRZ in a TBM. Almost three hours in which I can enjoy the view and write this post.

So, what about you? What did you do in MFS today?


The same to me:

except of the already known issue concerning the not available controller settings I just enjoy:
get more FPS, shorter loading time for the flight itself and my flight today was along the Mosel in Germany. Even the water of the river seems to be a bit (not totally) fixed, much less “montanious” ups and downs. So I am one of those “lucky ones” who can enjoy what Asobo has done in the patch.


nothing cause i fly only with a320 right now :frowning:


I downloaded and installed the update, then the content update only to find the sim crashes every time I try to start just as it gets to the loading screen with the blue line after the checking for updates stage. Tried various supposed fixed and updates to no avail so now trying a clean install, all 102 GB of it!

I love it when it works, but was not banking on this today!


After getting my patch issues sorted, I decided to tour some of the world’s more famous volcanoes.

First stop was Eyjafjallajökull (yeah, I can’t pronounce that either) in Iceland. Now that we can actually take off from BIKF (Keflavik) without a CTD, I took off from there in a DA62 and went to tour the volcano, admiring the beautifully rugged landscape in the process.

Next I hopped in a DA40 and decided to do a tour of a few of the volcanoes of Hawaii. I realized this was a horrible plane for this as it seems very underpowered and had a hard time getting up to 11000 feet I needed to clear the peaks. lol

Next I hopped into a the ever trusty C172 and toured around Krakatoa, then hopped into the C182T and flew around Mt St Helens.

I’ll be continuing that tour later this evening when I get home from work, with Mt Vesuvius being first on the list.

Screen shot of my flight by Eyjafjallajökull.


Installed the update without problems. Then flew over
a few freeware add-ons to see if they still worked. Lyon, Sienna to Arezzo, the heel of Italy (stormy weather…) and Singapore. All OK except restarting over Singapore CBD gave these weird waterlevels of the local river.

But all in all happy with the update.


Took off from Blanding Utah today Towards Page Arizona, a nice flight, following the road i drove last year irl.

Landed on the Lake Powell overview parkinglot and took a couple of snaps of the environment.
Was missing the boatyard, and probably some more detail on the rocks in the distance… But loving retracing my roadtrip through air, seeing new things i wasn’t able to see from the road last year.
Also glad i did it last year, as this year is … ugh


pressed AP1 on the a320neo and flew into the ground


That was to be expected, right? :wink:
I really hope for all of you who like to fly the A320 that it won’t take too long until everything is running smoothly with this bird.

Absolutely nothing. Spend almost 3 hours last night trying to find solutions for a non working A320. I am done for now…


I flew from KIAH to KORD in my Airbus A350XWB, in X-Plane so I could enjoy a stable platform and a beautiful aircraft. I would LOVE to have this aircraft in MSFS after some of these crippling bugs get sorted out. I’d fly the A350XWB over the 787-10 any day of the week. I’d also love to have the same level in the Airbus A220-300. That thing is a little hotrod!


I flew some pattens at KORL in the DA40 TDI and some at EKRK in the G36. :slight_smile:

Flew over Chernobyl on my way to Kiev :grimacing:


This place got a glowing review on Google Maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the Chernobyl flight in an A5 the day after the sim was launched. It had to be done.


I have a task: to fly in every single country in Africa. CAR was in my list yesterday. Just amazing to be able to do that.


Went to fly the A320 and the battery and APU buttons didn’t work so I couldn’t do anything.

Went to check out Uluru in C172 and the mouse wasn’t able to interact with anything in the cockpit and the right Garmin was black. CTD with memory access error message about 5 minutes in.

Went to check out Mt. Everest, CTD with memory access error message about 5 minutes in.

Went to check out Neuschwanstein castle, CTD with memory access error message about 5 minutes in.

Went to grab a drink and wait for a patch to fix the patch.

Funny, because I didn’t have a single CTD yesterday in 5 different parts of the world right after downloading the patch.

Not really complaining (check my other posts, I advocate patience and grace for the development team), just being honest about what I did today.

Wishing you all a better day than I had!


Nothing of course, I´m still struggling to download the patch.


Nothing for the past two weeks. My yoke broke and I’m waiting on the new tention springs to come in the mail.

I spent time trying to troubleshoot why the game keeps hanging. The one time I did get in the air I mostly tried to get the autopilot to engage in the TBM. After giving up on that I spend more time troubleshooting when it froze up again.

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Figured out the drone cam goes super super fast on the ground…

MS DS (driving simulator) is pretty sweet too!