What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

Took the 747-8 with the Salty Simulations addon for a spin from Orlando International Airport to Atlanta International. Not bad, but not great either. Pretty uneventful for an evening flight in pitch black cloud cover. I was pretty happy with the IFR experience until descent when of course the planned runway was not one of the active runways. As soon as you start trying to redirect the FMC, you never know what’s going to happen. Managed to get all the changes in place and still control my descent until turning toward the initial approach fix. Thought I was going to be home free and then the FMC dropped me out of auto thrust to managed speed. Typically not a big deal, but, the 747 all of sudden started losing major altitude from 5000’. I killed the automation and managed to recover at about 2500’. Re-engaged the autopilot and thought I’d stick the landing only to float it half way down the runway and have to go around. At this point, the automation was all jacked (or it was pilot error). Either way, manually maneuvered the go around and tried to the approach again. This time full manual flight. Setting up for landing and manually flying is always a challenge. Managed a much smoother descent to the runway with another float (I must be over flaring.) However, still managed to get the plane on the ground and bring it to a controlled stop using every inch of 26L. It’s another in the log book. I sure do miss the PMDG 747.

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took the new Dev version of the Flybywire A32XN out for a spin Melbourne - Darwin. Wow, Electrics and bleed screens plus a few other bits.

wow the red center really is amazing.

Had a poke around Darwin… found the boat sheds, along with a ww2 coastal gun battery


Took the reliable 208, modded and with the Garmin 1000 mod, on a run from Kahului to Kona. Making sure to calibrate the flight plans in LNM, the sim, and P2A, it was a perfect experience (ignoring how my planes like to veer right when I land), and, even with all the controller adjustments, I over-compensate, but I’m getting much better.

I also practiced (jerkily) using pushback helper


No offense sir. May I remind you there are models like 747-400 and 747-8, and no 747-800? :grinning:

Read that this plane was based out of Darwin, Australia during the war:

So I flew it from Darwin to South Goulbourn Island. It’s a sweet machine, but I still don’t know what I’m doing. I had to go around at YGBI and lost power turning crosswind as I adjusted the throttle. Not sure why, I had 22% fuel on the approach. I attempted an impossible turn, but I sank like a brick and hit the trees just shy of the field.

Also nice to see that the the prolific lightning in mostly clear skies bug is alive and well. It makes for some dramatic screenshots, but yeah. That needs to get fixed.


I saw lighting in clear skies for the first time since they fixed it yesterday, over Africa.

What I would add is that while I was in clear skies, the storm ahead, maybe 30-40 miles away clearly wasn’t, and that was where the lighting was coming from.

So they dearly haven’t quite got a handle on how the lighting behaves, instead of cloud to ground it’s cloud to sky! When I eventually got there, and was surrounded by those clouds, they looked nothing like what I would expect to produce lightning.

You may and I stand corrected. The 747-8! smh. Thank you.

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Did some flying around southern England today in the Pipistrel Virus and found this crop circle

51° 12’ 8.23" N 2° 13’ 56.03" W


RAF Valley - Mach Loop in a Spitfire IX.

A few others were there for a tail chase this afternoon - 7 Spits at one point - EPIC!


I arrived in Teheran today and found these spectacular views on approach. Flight from Sotchi on the Black Sea via Baku.


Give up with the horrible software and horrible customer service…,

ATC greyed out and no solution from fantastic zendesk

Oh and X-Plane did fantastic!


Checked if the drone would fly to the moon.

I’m impressed it got this far. While the drone certainly was circling the globe, didn’t feel like I was making any further headway on the moon.


I’m flying the Alaskan Bushtrip.
Really nice here.

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Sydney to Vancouver in the Dreamliner (used time acceleration and it still took 4 hours!!) Then continued touring round New Zealand in the SR22 with a short flight from Wairoa to Gisborne.

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First flight in the Spitfire, from my home airport Newcastle. Once I’d worked out how to release the brakes, very careful taxi to the threshold, noticing a tendency to nose-over using the brakes. Lined up (couldn’t get radio working and someone taxied through me!) to a perfect takeoff!
Little flight around, returned to Newcastle and buzzed the tower before positioning onto finals. One of the best approaches and touchdowns I have ever done - pity I spoiled it by groundlooping…!
This is going to take some work but already loving it.


Flying the DR400 Dauphin mod around North Wales. Lovely scenery.

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Next leg of my World Tour in the BushLeagueLegends X-Cub- Rigolet(CCZ2) To Narsarsuaq(BGBW) Only took us 4 hours!


tried out the new Global AI Ship Traffic. Was a windy day in the channel though…


Hoped in vain that Charlie, the A.I. Co-Pilot, might complete just one flight without missing the destination airport or crash landing, etc.

Nope. The wait goes on.

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I just planned a hopefully nice route from Philadelphia to New York with some nice poi’s here and there.
I will fly this some time later today.

I took the VL-3 for a spin and the ETE was about an hour.

It was a nice flight and easy to follow via the landmarks. Unfortunately Six Flags wasn’t modeled. It was very flat with no rollercoasters present.

Happy flying✈️

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