What do I do with my community stuff before update

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I need help with the latest world (UK) update. How and where do I move the contents of my community folder before I update? Where do I put it all? It’s HUGE!! Last time I updated, my PC created a new community folder on its own and confused the heck out of me. I had to reinstall the entire sim. I don’t want that to happen again. Can someone please tell me how to prepare for this rather large update? All I need to know is how to move my 3rd party add-ons (and the A32nx FBW folder) then update then put that folder’s contents back where they belong. I have the Microsoft premium deluxe store version.
I do know that I need to temporally get rid of my ORBX London City until it gets an update to make it compatible with this update. Doing this is ought to be within my capabilities.
PS - can’t I simply rename folders before the update then rename them back to their original name(s) after the update?

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I would suggest just appending “Backup” to the community folder. ie: `Community Backup’
That would be sufficient to hide it from MSFS.
The update will likely create a new, empty, community folder but that is not a bad thing. I would then, post update, move stuff from your backup to the new community folder, a bit at a time. Test MSFS for any compatibility issues, then add some more. If a crash happens, you then know it was something in the last move that did it.


I have a second drive with a “CommunityBackup” folder. I copy all the files from the MSFS Community folder to the backup, then delete the files. Once the update is all done, computer restart- then I add my files back to the empty Community folder. When you do this, make sure you COPY the files to your backup folder, not MOVE. The MOVE command takes way longer.

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That’s what I did, and then just added stuff back slowly to see if they had any affect. There were several items I had in the original Community Folder which I didn’t need after the update.

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