What does flight following mean?

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What does flight following mean? Any information is greatly appreciated. TIA


Thanks @CasualClick for the link…:slight_smile:

In layman’s terms if you are on a VFR flight and request flight following, ATC keeps a beady eye on you!

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Comical yes, but seriously they will give you traffic information such as a real big airplane climbing near you.

Sorta. I know I’m picking nits and that in sim flying it really doesn’t matter that much, but YOU are responsible for seeing and avoiding other traffic even when you’re getting flight following. ATC service is time permitting. Heck even if you’re on an IFR flight plan in VFR conditions, you are responsible for traffic avoidance.

To me as a RW pilot the biggest reason for flight following is having someone be aware that you’re there in case you’re all of the sudden not there any longer, and already having a discreet squawk code if the fit hits the shan. Plus you’re good to enter any class of controlled airspace save for Alpha or Bravo just by being in contact with ATC.


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