What does it take to build a great sim like "MSFS 2020"?

Hi there,
What does it take to build a great sim like the MSFS 2020? How many employees does Asobo have and how many does Microsoft have? How many programs to put in the code?
I love this great sim, I have only had a few issues…
Your Thoughts?

Any info or help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Lots and lots of money and lots of clever folks as well. :blush: :grinning:


Actually I’m more interested in the Programming of the Sim…

Have you watched any of the Developer Q&As?

They are all available. Start there from the first one.

Seb is very forthright and interesting to listen to about the inner workings of the simulator’s development.

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tl;dr a lot, across many disciplines.

Continuing the discussion from Dev Livestream Transcript: April 2024:

See also https://www.asobostudio.com/careers

Update: see the MSFS rundown @ FSExpo Day Two: Live updates – Stormbirds

Updated update:
800 people as at FSExpo 2024

11’30" @

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Take 700 devs, create a Great sim, release a SU 5 and destroy it.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I tend to agree. It was on release fantastic. Total eye candy, but it would not have worked in that form on a Xbox.
There have been a few SU releases that have in my opinion screwed the sim up in a big way.

40 years of hard work and a lot of money… :money_mouth_face: :wink: :+1: :airplane:

Watch the FSExpo 2024 stream to get an idea what they’re doing for FS2024 - incredible amount of work and effort