What does VOR to VOR mean? another newbie question

Hi there, I was wondering what VOR to VOR means? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…I usually just do a simple flight

It means that instead of using a direct GPS route (from one airport to another airport and going in a straight line), you’re instead flying from one ground-based VOR station to the next.
Although GPS is easy, VOR navigation is taught in flight school, as you never want to be dependent on one mode of navigation only.

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It means the route consists of flying from one VOR to another VOR instead of going direct with GPS.

More information on VORs and other navigation methods:

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Here is a video I did on VOR navigation. I flew from SLI to SXC along an airway. That is VOR to VOR navigation. VOR Tutorial With Navigraph - TBM 930 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - YouTube

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Thanks guys for all your help and info.


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