What Exactly Are Packages In VAs?

I am new to VAs, I get the concept though. Accept a job, haul cargo, weather passengers or actual cargo from one airport to another, once job is complete the airline & pilot gets paid. I have spent a few hours googling exactly what “packages” means though and only have found information on how to handle packages. Nothing on what they are. Like if I accept a job that says to haul say 2000LBS/KG of packages, do I need to start at airport & request ground to load up the plane? Do I simply use the fuel tab to add/subtract weight until the planes weigh for payload is correct? I am in an airline and have messaged the owner to no response. I may even start my own once/if I can find the answers I am looking for.

Also, what is the “money” for? I see there is a hangar tab, though I see no way of putting planes it. Speaking of that, what would I be putting planes in my hangar for? Can i use any plane in game (that is capable of carrying what I need to carry obviously) to transport the passengers/cargo or can I only use the planes that are in my hangar/airline owns? This VA thing seems really really cool, and a nice way to add…“purpose” i guess, to your flights. And it would be even cooler if someone (or someones?) here could help me understand these things as I am sure someone knows! You all have provided great information to all my other questions thus far, don’t fail me now! :grin:

Yeah using FSEconomy it definitely modifies my fuel level, but am I supposed to add passengers manually?

That would be a real PITA because I would need to type in the weight of each individual passenger on the screen and the Caravan holds 13 passengers

Seems I am not only one confused on the cargo system! I’m good to go on this once i get these few answer I think.