What flight Joystick does the xbox version support?

Can I use my thrustmaster T16000 to play on the Xbox version?

Or is it just the xbox controller?

I think it just depends on whether the joystick itself is supported by the console.

I found one…

On a side note, if my current (original!) X52 dies, I know what’s going to replace it…

Google the upcoming “Turtle Beach Velocity One.”

Honeycomb is apparently working on a stick and throttle that is compatible with xbox. Might be a while till it‘s released though.

I’m pretty sure that if it’s plug and play on windows then it’ll work. Something that requires third party software like Virpil controls surely won’t work

no it wont work. it needs a special chip to be recognised by the console.
there is a hotas that has it .
i do wonder whether people here heave heard about google? sorry joking, but eh…

Hopefully my Logitech extreme 3D pro will still work on xbox, but I have no problem going out and dropping some money and a good & supported one.

They did say at one point they were going to get some of the bigger ones supported on xbox, ie the airbus one but this has since gone quiet and just hearing about new ones.

Why use a joystick. I spent $650 on a gaming keyboard and mouse. Works wonders on other flight simulators like war thunder, but on this arcade game its so hard to control.

Games peripherals in fact require a security chip in order to function with Xbox. Therefore any windows device will not work.

Honeycomb are releasing Xbox compatible versions of their hardware which will feature this chip and therefore be compatible. They also have an “Xbox hub” in the pipeline which is supposed to make their previously released PC versions also compatible.

Honeycomb have also announced a hotas kit that is supposed to be for Xbox.

Turtlebeach have released a flight controller which is yoke + throttle quadrant.

Thrustmaster have the Xbox compatible T-flight hotas but you need to make sure you buy the correct one as there are 3 variants. One for PC, one for PlayStation and one for Xbox.

Worth noting.
Virpil kit indeed won’t work…because it doesn’t have said security/compatibility chip. However, on PC Virpil does not require any specific software to run.
There is a config and firmware flashing software but this isn’t running while you play because it’s ID, config, calibration etc is stored to the device itself. It just uses the standard windows USB driver and controller API.

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