What happend to local legend 17?

what happend to local legen 17? was it not supposed to be released today?

Maybe then?

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i hope : )

They announced/presented a trailer for Famous Flyer VI at last year’s expo during their MSFS presentation, so it makes total sense they would do the same this year.

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so anny ideas about whatit could be this year?

Elvis Jet, ha!

Viva Las Vegas!


pffff imaganine would be amazing!

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How about the X-15, which I believe was flown in Nevada?


Whatever it will be, let’s hope it’s not from AH…:joy:


Jorg said that it was “in the balance” and may not make it out during the Expo. We’ll see! I hope they at least announce it. And seconding, please let it be anyone other than AH or iniBuilds… we need a break from their products.


maybe a pmdg special XD

There’s been a complete plane hidden in the marketplace tied to Brazil. It’s been there since September. Everything in there showed accidentally for about an hour back then, even the SWS PC-12 was in there as a placeholder already. :wink: About 75% of everything released since was sitting in there. I tried to download it at the time… It’s not very exciting though.

embrear e jet?

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Don’t get your hopes up, it’s cloth and tube, sub 100KT again.

Wouldn’t they want to save that for a Brazilian-based WU?

A Brazilian Local Legend announced/released in Las Vegas doesn’t really make any sense.

I doubt they have something for Vegas

Although a velvet lined Jetstar would be something

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or it could be the sr71 blackbird
as it was also based close to lasvegas


Big Radials is doing a JetStar. I doubt they would have released their teaser if they were doing it for Asobo as a Local Legend.


I’d love to see a Blackbird. Especially if it were set up to do aerial refueling that MilTech just announced.

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fingers crossed 4.5 more hours