What happend to the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

This has been reported to Zendesk. It should be fixed in future updates.

Will the update also include Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square, London EYE, Wembley Stadium, a wierd slope in the river Thames in London, and as for Perth, WA - maybe scenary which actually looks anything like Perth, WA? I’m genuinally really disappointed after all the waiting, the hype, the expectation that there has been **** all support with the many installation bugs, then when i do get this going, some of the biggest landmarks in the world aren’t even there.

Are people “actively” working on putting these landmarks into future updates? Or are we supposed to buy 3rd party upgrades at our own expense?

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I think you should supposed to be happy and these reproaches are sad to read.
Expenses ? With some very very few search you can find everday new FREE sceneries made by passionate people to download then copy in the right folder and just enjoy it.

This is a free scenery for the Sydney Harbour Bridge :

Perth ? Here :

Wembley Arena ? Here :

… River Thames water fix ? Here :

Hi Jgodagno,

Thanks for replying. And thanks for passing on those amazing sceneries (which I will endeavor to add in). I have used FSX and P3D and have added sceneries into these.

MSFS20 was marketed as an “all-in” amazing 4k sim and I personally (and I expect a whole lot of others) have invested a lot in upgrading hardware hoping for the best experience. Unfortunately, despite all the good stuff (and there is plenty) when I took off to fly around London for a sight-seeing tour (excited to see what everything looked like), it was just really disappointing to so many key sites missing.

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So, I have to ask again, is there any movement on the Australia updates to remove errors, and in particular, create a Perth scenary that actually looks anything like Perth, WA?

Also, all the smaller airfields which I have paid for for the P3D version, (which we were advised by the CEO that there would be a reasonable/fair charge for their availability in MSFS20) - could someone possibly update us on whether there is any progress on these?

Thanks in advance.

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This item was delivered as part of World Update 7 (