What headset in 2022 with inside out tracking?

Since yesterday my HP reverb has a dead black pixel on one eye. The headset is out of warranty. I was never very happy with the HP. Frequent disconnects, audio that never got to work properly on my headset, even after 5 cable changes and other nags.

I had a Rift S, which besides from the constand hand controller battery change requirement was doing its job. But it does no longer exist. When it broke beginning this year I got my money back.

I was now wondering what is the headset I shall get in 2022, which does not come at an insane pricee tag and has inside out tracking. I have no willingness for lighthouses.

You have a few choices for hmd’s with inside out tracking:

Pico Neo 4 (releases very soon), Quest 2, G2. All well priced. The Pimax Crystal is scheduled to release soon but that will be expensive.

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