What in the world is happening with the sim?

Guys, I don’t know what’s happening but in these last 2 days something is going on with the sim.

  • Performance degradation during flight. Performance worsen over time. I take off with 60fps and 1.5 hours of flight FPS drops to 25
  • Lags and stutters. Much more that few days ago. I started getting continuous small stuttering that wasn’t present 3 days ago
  • CTD’s. I started getting a lot of CTD (I was one of the lucky user getting one ctd every 50 flights). I would say one CTD every 2 flights.
    -Live Weather. It was inaccurate and quirky but was better then nothing. Live WX has been down for more then 24 hours. I understand it is Sunday but this is not an excuse. I work in a very small company and if there is a problem impacting a service they wake me up at 6.00AM on xmas to fix the issue. Come on…this is Microsoft and after 24 hours no updates??

I was experiencing none of these issues 3 days ago and nothing has changed on my system (no win update, no drivers change, no new installs or new addons).

Can anyone explain and/or recap what is going on?

Same thing, everything was more or less fine until yesterday. I´ve tested now without live weather and addons, it stuttered so bad its unplayable. Feels like someone hacked the sim lol…

Maybe Asobo has given up on the sim too :slight_smile: When was the last time they actually released a fix anyways? I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth investing more money for addons for this sim…

I’m no expert but is it possible that issues with servers can cause the sim to degrade this way?

It’s a complete mess. I was flying today from Antalya to Djerba, after an hour of flight, the SIM card began to stutter so that the sound even stuttered, while it showed 35-40 frames per second when the frame rate was locked at 30 frames per second. The weather is also completely ruined. I work very hard, and I have very few days when I can relax and enjoy the flight, and then such a bummer: ( Asobo, please stop destroying our beloved game.

Hello everyone,

there has been an increase of issues reported recently since the server issues occurred.
Therefore it is reasonable to believe that these issues are linked and will hopefully be fixed ASAP.

For now, I would recommend switching live weather to one of the presets before starting a flight to mitigate CTDs.
Please see the following for further information:

The topic was closed as these issues are already addressed elsewhere.

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