What is the best way to transfer MSFS 2020 to a new computer?

The title pretty much says it all. Is there an easy way to transfer the Microsoft Store download to a new PC or should I just download it again from the store onto the new PC? Any help would be appreciated since I’m 80 and not a computer geek!


I assume that you can link your old pc with your new pc. If so, just copy across the folder where you installed it originally from your old pc to your new pc. This is the bulk of the sim. Run install from MS store on your new pc and point it to the new location. The re-install should take only a short while.


That’s the way I installed MSFS additionally onto my laptop. Quick and easy.

It’s not about registry data etc. I only copied the ‘official’ folder to the latop and let MSFS complete the install process.

Hi MojoRisen55. Unless you have superfast broadband, a fresh and lengthy install is really not neccessary. The bulk of the sim does not contain information regarding your achievments , settings or anything else. These are taken care of by the additional folders and files that MSFS install elsewhere on your pc

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OK but doesn’t most stuff in the WindowsApps folder requires to take ownership before you can even access or copy it?

I’m not sure what you mean. When you purchased the sim you did this through your MS account. This account takes care of the data personal to you. With your account, ownership is automatic. If it wasn’t then anyone could aquire MSFS for free. Everything needed to run the sim is in your chosen instal location. All MS do is place files that in essence give you permission to use the sim.

Cant you just move the hard drive/SSD over from your old PC to the new one? otherwise all your data should be tied to your Xbox/Microsoft account, so you just have to re-download

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Yes it does but you don’t need to fiddle with that. Just copy the MSFSPackages folder into the local app data directly on your new PC and install MSFS. It should find all the packages and perform only required updates.

Depends on your PC and internet.

A direct connection between systems may be quicker but simply downloading the game on the new system may be far more simple. A fresh install takes a little over an hour for me (that was pre-USA update)

That’s fine if you have the bandwidth. Many people don’t and it took me about 3 hours to download originally. Also of course some are on meter limited broadband. Moving the disk over to the new pc would be good but the original poster stated that he was not a computer geek. It’s very simple to move the install over to a new pc and saves a lot of time.

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Recently rebuilt my home PC and had to do a fresh wi does install.

I thought about copying and pasting the bulk of FS2020 over, but I was experiencing enough bugs, I decided to still do a fresh download.

Took me a week to download on 6-8ish Mbps aDSL…

Make sure when you redownload the game, go into the content menu and redownload all the updates Asobo has done, like the US and Japan

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THANKS! You saved me

Yeah, you can install MSFS2020 on as many computers as you want. You can, however, only use one at a time.

Once installed, copy over your community directory contents and you’re done.

I just did this and my choice was to set aside a copy of my Community folder, then re-downloaded the sim. I am blessed with good internet and if memory serves, it took about 2 hours for the sim and another 2 hours for the WU’s etc. I liked the idea of having a “fresh” install.

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This is very simple on steam. I have my MSFS on a 2TB SSD. It is actually my F: Drive. When my system crashed I just reinstalled steam and ran msfs2020. It installed the necessary steam files which took about 15 minutes. When I started msfs2020 it took me to the update page and suggested a dir to install files. I clicked in the dialong box and explorer came up. I just chose the dir that the Official and Community folders were in and clicked update. As all the files were up to date in the Dir I pointed to the game started without a hitch. No download necessary. I back up my Official and Community all the time after major updates. I can copy them wherever I want if I have a system crash or any other problem.