What is the different?


What is the different for this two?

I see different package when I switch between then.

The left box will show MSFS packages and addons at their highest level. The best examples are the World Updates. So, the USA World Update contains several airports, scenery, and POIs. When that button is clicked, you will see the top level USA World Update and not the detailed components within it.

The right box will show the most detailed view of all the addons. In this view, you won’t specifically see a USA World Update package, rather you’ll see all the detailed components listed out.

I use the left box for a quick check that all my addons are updated after a major WU or SU.

I use the right box when I want to remove a component within a larger package, such as an airport that came with a World Update and I want to remove it as I have one from a third party. But I also don’t want to remove the whole World Update.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for explanation. It helps me also.

Thanks for the information. Thats help me alot

Yep, I knew this, but great explanation, couldn’t be bettered. Helpful forums posts giving clear info. A shining example of what this community can be.

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