What is the interaction between MSFS and Vatsim?

It is a bit unclear for me exactly how Vatsim and MSFS are working together. Is Vatsim supposed to be a fully integrated part of MSFS? Right now we have to download and install software, just like we are used to. (The stuttering is another story which hopefully is history soon).


No real integration beside simconnect afaik.

So all the marketing videos etc. was really just a way of stating the obvious, that MSFS supports Simconnect?

And not that well, apparently.

It’s addon software that is fully supported by Flight Sim. They know your position, altitude, and it connects to your radios. It’s free. Give it a shot.

Maybe better integration is coming it’s just not out yet? Just guessing but it sounded like direct integration was happening. Maybe I misunderstood the marketing tho.

“As from day one”… So far none existent

I think there had been an unforeseen issue within the Simconnect API which is the big halt at the moment, from what I’m told.

It is add-on software as mentioned above, but they failed to mention what software. What you are looking for is the add-on called vPilot. X-plane users use xPilot. So do your search for vPilot, install it and before running MSFS run vPilot first. On your first time you will need to configure it but that is a one time thing. You need an internet connection and vPilot will then wait for MSFS to connect to. Run MSFS next and manually tune into your first frequency (usually ATIS or GND ground control).

This involves a little more flight planning ahead of time but if all the positions are staffed (they are not always unfortunately) it really is the most realistic experience you can get. If GND is not available then the expected method is to move up to the next level, which is TWR. If both GND and TWR are not available then tune into CTR center. At whatever level, they will help you. note: I’m currently ‘working’ the scopes for VATSIM as a GND controller so I know for sure that they don’t bite and are more than accommodating in dealing with new simmers. The goal is to have a good time :smiley:

So whats different then using IVAO.aero software to connect with the sim? The trailers made it look-like it’s built-in

What is the latest on this topic?

I’m still using vPilot to connect to Vatsim. Would be nice if there were an integrated solution, especially since I use VR exclusively…

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I would like a full-blown integration of VATSIM into MSFS. I don’t think that would happen with the E-rating that the game has, though; any online communication between people muddies the content rating of the game.

Bit of an old post but you can now get a msfs in sim app.
GitHub - daveblackuk/VSR: Vatsim Radio (VSR) - MSFS 2020 toolbar app for VATSIM I think it would be good for people in vr as you can change frequency, see who is online and much more with it.

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All, bit late here

I have created VSR for this reason - it brings Vatsim data into the cockpit

The latest version is at http://vsr.software
And latest promo vid VSR - An essential freeware MSFS toolbar app for VATSIM - YouTube