What is the longest VR flight in MSFS 2020?

Just curious if there is some sort of record regarding the longest (duration) VR flight in MSFS 2020 since VR release? I normally fly in the 1.5 to 2.5 hour range with the TBM-930. Has anyone done a pond crossing in VR? Can the headset handle 8+ hours of continuous use (not to mention the brain).

I just had a 6-hour VR session last night and here’s the proof:

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Three hours was as long as I ever lasted. I was a great flight but I was glad to take the headset off.

Does it count if you fell asleep with Auto pilot on? :smiley:


VR makes me instantly sleepy. It’s so hard keeping my eyes open while cruising in VR, so much so that I have instated a rule: No VR after 8pm.

From what I read on these forums it seems that the transoceanic fliers tend to take off, engage the copilot mode then go to bed and come back to the sim in the morning just in time for the landing and claim the 8 hours logbook time!
Most of my real life flying has been piloting military and police helicopters, all wearing a helmet, and plenty of NVG hours, so no problem wearing VR headset for a couple of hours. I think my longest time using NVG is about 7 hours in a single night.


I do every weekend one or two 4-4,5h flight with the tbm. Started in germany → Sotchi → Skardu → Taj Mahal :wink: → Kalkutta → Changi → Bali → Darwin → Learmonth and now myself hanging around in Perth. Pretty awesome here! Around the world :wink:

Believe it or not, spending so much time in VR everyday is having an effect on my real-life perception – in a good way.

Now I walk on the street and see a brick wall: such detailed texture; I step on a puddle: crystal clear reflections; a car passes by: so smooth; the clouds in the sky: impeccable!

I don’t think I ever looked at the city and enjoyed what I saw so much. Really.


My longest flight was from Santos Dumont to Congonhas.
It ended bad at the end because the Citation Longitude’s GPS Navigation was off somehow and I ended up passing Congonhas approach. I also couldn’t even see the airport approaching from the south no lights no nothing during the day. It just all of a sudden popped up in the city.

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