What is the speed limit?

What is the speed limit of aircraft acceleration in flight simulator?

In the air, 250KT Below 10,000 is the North American standard.

On the ground, taxi speeds can vary between aircraft but typically around 20kt for smaller GA, up to 30KT for larger.

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Taxiing = 30 knots ground speed (I think?)
Below 10,000 feet, generally 250 KIAS.
STARS/SID charts will show max airspeed at certain fixes.
All aircraft have maximum speeds.
Other than that, ~186,000 miles per second. :slight_smile:


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I think in the US the FAA doesn’t allow civilian aircraft to fly at Mach 1 or above over land, at least below FL600, and military aircraft are only supposed to go over Mach 1 in various special use airspace unless they are doing some sort of real-world intercept, etc.

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