What is the status on DX12?

Hi! I have a similar setup except a 3900x cpu and 32gb ram. What graphic settings do you use? I can barely get 40 FPS with high-end in the air. From what I see I now suspect I’m having a RAM bottleneck.

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That statement has been retracted several times since then. Now, they confidently claim that performance will be significantly improved because most, if not all, of the performance enhancing fixes and optimizations have gone into the DX12 development branches, exclusively.


I hope so.
Anyway, i have no issue with performance on my PC but it will be great for people with less end-user hardware.
I’m waiting for DX12 more for effects (they said it comes with) than perf. And perhaps DLSS (and its equivalent for AMD chipset) which can afford more to performance and visual quality than migrate from DX11 to DX12.

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Good to know. that’s why i’m waiting for xbox version. not for it (i don’t own an xbox) but because a lot of things retained will come, and after, they will be more focused on the sim aspect, to add functionnalities and to resolve bugs (and unstack Zendesk and their huge backlog). It is a long road, we have to be patient.

Hmm 32gb should be plenty. I run with AI Traffic off and multiplayer off as well. Glass cockpit refresh is set to medium. Rebder scale is 100. LOD 150. You can lower this to 100 and see if it helps. It only gives me about 3 extea fps when i use 100 so i just leave it at 150.

If tou are using traffic and multiplayer on, then this probably is what is affecting you

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HyperThreading. a technology to improve performance by computation parallelization, by separate each physical core into 2 logical cores.It is an intel tech, but AMD have an equivament.
.Improve in most case but not always, that’s why each has to make it’s own test, it depends from the way the software has been developped, the number of core you have…

On Ryzen it makes no difference in my experience.

32GB but 3200MHz. It’s constantly over 80% usage. I’ll be flying the PMDG 737 when it comes out. By then I’m thinking either getting 2 more of them to get 64gb or changing them to 4000MHz, which costs more but I can sell the old ones.

I did set the glass instrument refresh rate to high because I feel I need it. But I’ll try turning off the traffic and see how much that helps. Thanks!

On intel some say difference come above 6 or 8 physical cores, not under.
i didn’t notice a huge difference, juste a small better. not in fps but on smoothness (and cpu temp lower but just for a few degrees). But i don’t use liner, i know their glass cockpit are not very fps friendly. MS will probably revamp that in the future to fix perf issue with them.

The issue I’m experiencing with KATL is not when departing rather when arriving. Can you try that out from an airport that’s about 1hour away?

I believe they will have better luck with the Xbox version than with the PC version - DX12 or not - because with the current (PC) release, they are trying to produce something that will work on literally thousands of hardware combinations. This is something that is rarely talked about on these forums as well as the type of aircraft, where you are flying, weather conditions, etc. To compare, we should have a set airport, a set aircraft, weather, settings, etc. The Xbox version - while I am not a fan of Xbox - will allow a standard set of instructions which will work on all. The current (PC) version will always be trying to get what works best on most systems.

I always see this repeated as if it is just accepted fact.

The reality is that, while writing optimized code in JS requires a different set of strategies than an unmanaged language like C++, you can get equivalent performance in both frameworks in the sim. The JS code is by no means slower by default.

Hopefully when we get see better example code and docs out there we can start pointing folks in the right direction on how to properly optimize.

-Matt | Working Title


Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has repeated it as fact multiple times. I guess even the big developers are a bit ignorant.

So nothing will change :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously tho, yes they have been many games released in the past with DX12 beeing a complete desaster but there are many games and DX12 works perfect. Beside the fact that patches will continou coming regardless of that. Lets wait and see.

Yeah, but right now, it is a fact. I have not see a well performing JS/HTML plane yet.

Lets hope it can be optimised in the future but right now, i see the worst performance in JS/HTML, especially with the mods you created.
Absolutely love your work and what you do to improve the sim, im not hating on you or your products. But unfortunately, i have to stay away from them because the performance and stuttering is pretty bad.

We can only hope for optimisation.

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Not only Mathijs, others as well. I doubt that any 3rd party developer will use JS/HTML for the instruments/Systems in the near future.

And thats not because they are “ignorant”, there are other reason besides performance aswell.

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Just because both framework are low in performance in the sim :stuck_out_tongue: (joke !)

That’s an awfully big statement. Apples to apples, our CJ4 benchmarks faster than the default plane, as does the G1000 (especially the 0.4.x series, which truly used the strategies I’m speaking of). The G3000 will eventually be getting the same treatment.

I think any developer, C++ or JS, would be hard pressed to draw everything that’s on screen with something with as many screens as a G3000, with as many elements and blending effects required, in the tiny budget that’s available. Building the UI framework alone in C++ for something like the G3000 would be both a hugely time intensive task and also a massive optimization challenge. We don’t really have any reasonable comparisons because, well, nobody is really daring to do that.

Sure, the pretty plain screens of the CRJ’s PL21 does beat our CJ4’s PL21 in perf, but that’s because we’re stuck on the base code due to it being not a rewrite. With as little as goes on with those, 60fps with 1-2ms Coherent draw times is 100% achievable. And let’s be honest here, in any avionics system a massive part of your perf budget goes to drawing, as every third party dev will tell you. Even the most high complexity systems modeling rarely shows up as a hotspot, because raw compute speed is not a problem in either language.

Just tossing JS away with such a simple handwave is, indeed, ignorance of the reality of programming in both languages. And I say this as the furthest thing from a JS fanboy. Mathjis isn’t a dev, and I love Hans and all the Aerosoft folks, but they haven’t tried the other stack. They live in C++ because that’s what they know and that’s where they can port existing code from. That’s not a knock, just a practicality, which is fine.

But I think you will see much more usage of the JS side over time, especially as we demonstrate and document these strategies.

-Matt | Working Title


I just hope things get to where they need to be soon. I hate to have to be waiting without knowing when things will be optimized and come to find out it’s months and months going by with no fix.

I love the FBW A320NX and I love the sim.

Right now, for me at least the biggest thing that is killing my immersion is those tiny stutters that I get with the A320NX while on ground. If FBW can come up with a fix for this then it would be the biggest thing for me other than adding and fixing other systems stuff. But, that’s just me.

Sure the CRJ is smooth with no stutters and all, but let’s be real. Most of us that want to fly airliners go for two things and that’s A320 or 737.

I know the 737 is around the corner, but man I love the FBW A320. It would be totally complete for me right now if they can get the plane to be smooth. Not looking for extra fps, I’m fime between 35-40 fps, just as long as it’s smooth.

I’m sure it will get fixed, man I just can’t wait lol.


Simply lock the sim to 30FPS and it’ll be buttery smooth.