What is this target overlay thing?

Hi All,

For some reason when I fly I can see a target overlay as per the below. Sorry it’s not the clearest of images, but you can see just above the cockpit outside you can see a portion of a target (circle surrounded by another circle). Can anyone tell me what it is, and how to get rid of it. It’s rather off putting when trying to fly.

Can you maybe make a screenshot instead of a picture of your screen?

What plane are you flying? It looks like you’re inverted in a Cessna. Are you using nvidia reshade? Or any mods?

Ok… Here is a better shot which shows the target. I just realised though that it’s only present when using the tobii eye tracker. Not sure how to turn it off though. I’ll have to experiment. It’s really annoying.

as a Tobii user I have never seen that before.

Nor have I.

Hmmm… Strange. When I look down, it appears. It’s almost like it’s an out of range indication except it’s not really out of range because I can look down a fair bit.

I might send Tobii an email when I get the chance.

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