What is this thing on my screen?

See screen shot. What is the blue and white circle? How do I turn it off? It flits about like an insect.

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Is it something in this menu?

Disable poi markers as shown in TurboJibber picture

POI markers are already turned off.

It’s a waypoint marker. Is Routes & Waypoints off?
Actually, that post from @TurboJibber has everything off. If you copy what he did, it’ll get rid of them.

I leave airport markers on - just my preference. :slight_smile:

The other markers I turn on only when I’m in an area I don’t know or I don’t have a chart with me.

It usually happens for me if you don’t interact with ATC for takeoff clearance. Tell them you do, hold short, then request take off clearance, and it disappears when you enter the runway.

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It’s the taxi ribbon telling you where the runway is. I’ve had that a couple of times. If you’re not going to use ATC, make sure the ribbon is off in the Assists menu.

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Unbelievable! , I know that there are no manuals, but not read all the options…
Then the simulator has problems.

I’ve found that if you use ATC at an uncontrolled airport, the game quite often doesn’t detect take off (despite correctly following markers, procedures etc). So leaves the taxi-way marker active.

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Did you announce everything in the correct order on the traffic frequency?

Yup that’s happened to me as well. Taxi ribbon is the only assist I use. If it glitches I just turn it off until I need it again.

It points to the start of the runway at your origin airport. It’s part of the objectives feature of the simulator. If you meet all of the objectives leading up to takeoff, the pointer will disappear. Otherwise, it remains because it wants you to complete the objective.

Open the objectives window from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and you will see what the program thinks you have missed.

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You are right. But how do you turn them off? I don’t really care about the objectives.

If you turn the taxi arrows off, you won’t have it.

IMO this is a bug, so it would be good to report it. The objective should not persist after you cross the threshold to the runway.

Options > Assistance > Navigation Aids