What joystick to use?

I’m new to all of this, mouse and keyboard are really bad with this simulator and my PS4 controller is soo sensitive and it’s a very old controller.

So I decided to get a joystick but I don’t want anything fancy, just something will do it’s job and last. So what do you recommend me to get if I have a short budget ?

Thanks all

You might try xbox controller instead, surprisingly good in flying and unbeatable on drone mode (show case).


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Difficult decision. I’d advise getting one from a shop, (not online), so you can easily return it if you are not happy. Expensive isn’t best. I have loads of them, and the one that feels most like flying IRL is an old MS Sidewinder Pro. Some people prefer a yoke, but they vary in quality and a cheap one is a real pain.

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Refer to the list of compatible peripherals provided by the developers: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015912899-Peripherals-compatibility

Second hand is your friend if you’re on a short budget

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Hi. I am pretty happy with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.
It has enough buttons for the main functions like trim, flaps and gear, and a coolie hat for looking around.

As the stick is big, i needed to reduce the sensitivity quite a bit, before that I was overcontrolling all the time.


I use a Thrustmaster T16000M. It’s good and has worked well for 3 years now. I previously had a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which is much cheaper and was also pretty good for the price. The Thrustmaster feels better in the hand, has more buttons, and I suspect will last longer, but I’d recommend both depending on your budget.


The problem is that I am afraid it would he too sensitive like the ps4.

Yes I am not interested in yokes cause they are much more expensive and my desk does not have that much room for it.

I am currently trying to decide between the logitech 3d pro and the thrustmaster

Yes I saw it on google but couldn’t find it at any local store here, will continue looking. But what about the thrustmaster (More expensive but not that much) ?

Saw it in a store with a good price for me. But saw some reviews on amazon that it’s not durable and breaks within months so I am hesitant, read that the logitech 3d pro is much sturdier. Do you find these reviews misleading about the thrustmaster ? The price is good and it looks stylish too!

I can’t speak for the thrustmaster, but the Logitech 3D pro worked well for me for many years and had enough buttons and functions to make it a great choice for flightsims.

I’ve since moved onto the Logitech flight yoke system and thrustmaster rudder pedals and I am very happy with those.

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Im playing with PS4 controller -40% sensitivity on all axes modified in game is perfect for me!

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Tried it with even -50% still not that great, my controller was misused badly over the past years lol just placing my finger on the controller’s stick would made the plane go up or down, making constantly vibrating. Even with the decreased sensitivity. So I have to buy something and if that is the case so why not a joystick I thought.

I apologize for being an idiot, just found out there is a whole section for controllers.

I’m using a T16000M since many years. Very sturdy, zero problems and most important, extremely precise.

If you are serious about flightsims, forget xbox or ps4 controllers. Way too short stick and way too sensitive.

If’ve tried a lot of sticks and yokes in the last few decades and I’m going to stick with the T16000M.


The T16000M is the way to go. If you see the newest thrustmaster TCA joystick it is basically a replica of the T16000M. They both use a Hall effect sensor which is very precise. It also has the advantage of not being too expensive. So go with the T16000M.

I would also suggest you get an Xbox Controller to control the drone camera. It is by far the easiest way to explore airports, cities or fly around your plane.

Having said all of the above, you will likely run into availability issues online. Don’t settle for anything else. Stick to the T16000.


I can confirm the T16000m flight pack from Thrustmaster (stick, throttle and rudder pedals) work
great out of the box. No additional config required.


Thanks all. Thrustmaster T16000 M it is then!

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Did anybody use T. Flight hotas X ?

Btw, I prefer the twist grip for rudder control.
Cheap, sticky plastic pedals make rudder control more difficult, especially if you can’t keep the heels on the floor.