What monitor do you use/recommend for work and flightsim?

I am planning to upgrade my older 34” monitor (75Hz, not curved) and I am looking for a new curved 34” or 32” monitor (+100Hz). I’ve noticed that OLEDs are quite popular for gaming but seem less appealing for work purposes. Therefore, I’m curious about which monitor you are using or would recommend for flightsim and work. Is anyone using the iiyama G-Master GCB3480WQSU?

Active LED matrices are subject to image burn-in, so if you’re going to use it for work, you’re likely to have static images for extended periods, which my be a problem, even on an OLED.

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I recently upgraded from an Asus 2K 27in monitor to the MSI MPG321 URX, which is a flat 32in QD-OLED. The difference in image quality is absolutely massive, way better than anything I have used before. I use the PC for work as well as MSFS, and chose the MSI because it has an extensive range of features to prevent burn-in problems, and has a 3 year warranty that also covers any such problems.

Performance for work and gaming is excellent so far - text and images are very good, and the screen is big enough you can have plenty of windows in use. There is an Alienware monitor that uses the same panel but with a curve, and an Asus one that’s flat like the MSI but with some different features. They have some pretty good reviews too.


I have a regular 27" 4k IPS LCD monitor. I’d never go OLED for a monitor due to burn in concerns with all the static imagery typically found both in games (i.e. HUDs) and in regular desktop use. I don’t care that people claim it’s no longer a problem, because I still get it on my phones despite using best practices.

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I’m going to be using a LG 34 curve monitor that I have. I think that should be good for starters. If not then I will upgrade to a better monitor down the road.

Hopefully it will be enough and it will work for me.

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I just upgraded from a samsung odyssey g50a 32" flat screen to a gigabyte auros fv43u 43" flat screen - obviously the larger screen is awesome, but the jump to 4k and decent hdr support was better than expected.

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