What part of Heathrow airport is this?

Sorry if this sounds stupid. Every time I land at Heathrow I always get directed to this part of the airport, it’s opposite runway 27R, I select taxi to the gate and then ATC say taxi to there. I’ve circled the area on the picture, ones a close up and the other is a zoomed out one to show where about it is. So just curious if anyone knows what it is. This is the Heathrow that came with the premium edition of the sim

Im not familiar with Heathrow, so i cant answer your question.
But the gates that default ATC is giving are absolutely wrong and stupid. Everytime i land at LOWW as an AUA A320, i get the same gate infront of the Maintenace area, FAR from every passenger terminal… :slight_smile:

According to the charts it’s the maintenance area

It seems like you damaged your Aircraft during landing, because they guide you straight to the Maintenance Hangar :smile:


it’s a maintenance hangar.

ATC always sends you to the same gate at any given airport. Sometimes obscure like this one, sometimes not. At least in FSX you were assigned a different gate every time you arrived at a particular airport

Select a gate as destination instead a runway.
The atc will guide you there upon arrival.


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Must be the British Airways maintenance hangar, definitely not the gate your looking for!

You’re being sent to the maintenance hangar because the aircraft is broken.

Ideal place, really.

Asobo keep promising to fix it, but it may be quicker to find an independent repair company. :smirk:

Why doesnt this surprise me… :sweat_smile: I always get my gate at a Maintenance area but, believe me, my Landings arent THAT bad :rofl:

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If you use the in game flight planner, you can select which gate you want when landing. After landing, when they direct you to contact ground, select “taxi to gates” and you should be taken to the gate you chose. If you load flight plans yourself, you get sent to any old random spot if you choose “taxi to parking” rather than “taxi to gate”

This… this is the reason why I don’t use SimBrief to plan my flights and download them to the MCDU. I still build the SimBrief plan for integration to the FBW A32NX FlyPad and for Volanta flight logging. But the flight plan itself to be used by the Autopilot is built using the in-game flight planner.

Another trick that I found is that, when you do a Gate-to-Gate flight plan when you select the arrival gate from the map, if you open the drop-down menu on the destination and choose the same Gate, the sim will assign the “approach” for you. So when you change to IFR, you can choose your SIDs and STARs without losing the destination gate since it assigns the approach to the active runway as well.

Previously, even if you set a destination gate, when you choose the approach, the destination gate will reset and the ATC will take you to a random parking spot as well, but if you do the trick above, the sim will give you the approach to the active runway, while also take you to the chosen gate when you arrive. It’s visible on the map where you have the magenta approach line to the active runway and it continues to turn to your chosen arrival gate.

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As a tip, when landing at Heathrow (with an airliner) and on contacting ground, instead of asking ATC for “taxi to gate” ask for “taxi to parking” and ATC will give you a gate allocation at one of the main terminals, even though it will be referred to as “parking” rather than “gate”.


this is TBA (technical block alpha), its where BA have all their simulators at their training campus as well as a maintenance hangar

So looks like these 2 got switched. Maintenance spots should classify as ‘parking’ I recon

That is the British Airways Maintenance. I worked there for a bit.

Lol It seems at every airport you have to request “taxi to parking” to get taxi to a gate. Heathrow is one of those. Many other airports have gate labelled as Ramp GA SMALL etc despite those parkings being attached to a terminal with jetways. No GA aircraft I know of uses jetways.

If you get sent somewhere dumb like that by the madmen atc in this sim, just ignore them and taxi into a sensible gate of your choosing. Another bug that needs fixing.

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Well that solves my problem. Thanks

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