What pc graphics settings affect vr?

The version of DX is set in pc mode…. Are there any others that affect VR performance?

E.g. if the TLOD is set to 400 in pc mode, is it going to hit VR?

Good question.

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As far as I’m aware they’re completely independent. If the the same setting exists in both PC and VR, it will respect whichever mode is being used.

The reason DX version is only in the PC settings is that changing it requires a restart. Having different settings between PC and VR would make it impossible to enable/disable VR.

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*Enabling VR turns on separate graphics settings. You can see this along the top of the graphics options and just hit the arrow it’ll change to “VR.” So you basically have independant settings for flat screen and VR

Just remember whatever settings you had in flat screen has to be effectively rendered twice in the headset, one for each eye. Just because it runs in flat screen at 4K at 60fps doesn’t mean it will in VR. TLOD is a performance hitter for most systems.

This is conflicting with others’ feedback, but I asked the question so I’ll take all input into consideration.

Looks like trial-and-error time! I’m setting all my pc values to “as low as possible” and see if I come out any better in VR.?.?

PC settings should not affect at all the VR settings side. Saying that, at the very beginning of VR test for MSFS, vsync on PC side had an influence on the VR side. It was a bug fixed long ago.
In any case, if you find one PC settings influencing the VR side please double check to be sure, and obviously report it! :slight_smile:

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@N582TC There is a little bit of cross-talk between 2D and VR in the sense that the size of your 2D mirror window directly affects the clarity of some things in VR, mostly flight plan waypoint icons and text on the world map, and point of interest icons and text when flying. That’s kinda crazy, but that’s the way it is.

For settings crosstalk there is nothing directly between them (other than DX11/12 choice) but you should make sure to have your terrain LOD, object LOD, and texture resolution settings perfectly matched. Same for buildings, trees, and grass to a lesser extent.

I haven’t tested using mismatched texture resolutions, but considering changing them requires a restart I doubt the results would be good. Using mismatched terrain LOD settings though means loading or dumping a ton of data each time you switch modes, which slows down switching and introduces stutters for awhile afterwards.

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So the best option (when flying in VR only) is to set everyting in VR section and then use the same settings in PC section?

EDIT: ok, did it, but now have airport sceneries shimmering, so I suppose PC settings have some influcence on VR ones.