What planes are good for someone getting into yoke planes

I been flying planes in flight sim for about a month now. All my flights have been done in a Pilatus PC6 turbo proper B or A ,Icon A5 and the a320neo

As you can tell,all this are joystick planes. What planes are easy to fly and use a yoke

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If you can get around in the A320 ok, you can probably fly most anything you like.

In the default planes, from simple to more complex some are… The C152, C172, Caravan, TBM930 etc are all yoke, as are many others.

PMDG DC-6 is great with a yoke as is the FlyingIron P-38

If you want to fly properly (without an FMC) The BN2 Islander from BlackBox is a good choice.

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MilVis 310R

I second the suggestion of the Milviz C310R, and add any of the Just Flight Piper Arrows. They’re all beautiful.

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I recommend the Just Flight Warrior II over the Arrows for overall feel.

A video I made ages ago in the JF Warrior:

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yeah - I actually like the JF Warrior, as well - more than I thought. I’d already had the turbo arrow, and thought it’d be boring, but since I have a bunch of IRL Warrior time, I got it anyways. I really enjoy it, and I usually prefer more complex planes. IDK - maybe nostalgia :wink:

Why not the yoke planes in the game? 172/Bonanza/Baron/TBM930/Caravan etc? Depends on what yoke you have, I like when the capabilities of the yoke/throttle are an exact match for the aircraft.

Still think the Kodiak covers a huge swath of flight envelopes, from close to the PC6’s STOL capabilities to the 170KN cruise of most executive pistons. If your throttle quadrant has detents for turboprop control, it’s that much better. The TBM is another hero with over 330KN speeds and still can land on extremely short runways. For a quality plain-jane GA aircraft, the steam gauge 172 is excellent even compared to most 3rd party stuff.

That’s an interesting mix you’re flying, two of the slowest aircraft and an airliner. I still don’t care all that much about the flight stick/yoke if the envelope is similar, a Cirrus or Diamond with a yoke is fairly on point as they are essentially the same type of aircraft as many yoke-equipped ones.

If you want an old warbird, the P38 had a yoke.

Not just a yoke, it used a system of cables and pulleys to give substantially more leverage than a stick.

Necessary because a fully loaded and fuelled p38 had a MTOW of 21000 lbs which is substantially more than a Hudson bomber and approaching 2/3 of the max take-off weight of a B25.

Is that you Bill? I would say to fly the Fat Albert C-130 if it were available! :slight_smile:

Blackbox simulations bn2 islander
Just flight arrows
The stock cessna 152

The Baron is nice and definitely underrated between the default planes. Great handling with the yoke and also helps getting some skills on twins.

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The P-38 is great overall. Good speed (don’t let the airspeed indicator fool you, check TAS via the tablet) with lots of endurance (up to 2 hours on internal fuel, doubling that with drop tanks) and easy to handle given the two engines with counter-rotating propellors balancing out the torque.

If your happy with a Glass Cockpit, the Baron is a sweet little thing. It is not however default, you need the Deluxe or Premium/Deluxe pack to access it.

The controller you use doesn’t have to match what’s in the real plane. I’ve been flying MSFS since the alpha with a HOTAS left over from my prior life in combat sims, despite most civvy planes having yokes.

I am now finally in the process of switching to a yoke, not because it’s more true to the planes in the game but because my somewhat unconventional HOTAS set-up was becoming painful for my old, worn-out spinal column. The switch is meaning I have to learn how to fly left-handed, develop new muscle memory for the completely different way a yoke moves, and also get used to a new arrangement of buttons (plus fine-tune my config for them).

The bottom line is, just get the controller that you’re most comfortable with and don’t worry whether it matches what’s in the plane.

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