What’s the function of the Community Folder?

I was an Xbox user of MSFS, have now upgraded to a PC. So I’m new to the installation process on PC.
So basically today I’m asking what files are kept in th Community Folder?

Thanks in advance


All later installed Add-Ons.


Matthias from FSVisions

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Thank you your quick reply, would that be add ons from other than Marketplace?

Yes, the best place is flightsim.to

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Yes and no, it depends on the add-on :slight_smile:

P.s. You’re welcome mate!

Welcome to the wonderful world of PC and all the crazy community content. :slight_smile:

First thing to pick up is Add-On Linker.

Sure, you can actually move things to and from the community folder by hand and there are quite a few community mods that you will try once and then delete for ever but add-on linker will help with those ones that you like to keep but don’t use all the time. You can just switch them on or off through the linker application. (before you launch FS2020)