What scenery would you recommend to others

I’ll admit when it comes to msfs I’m a bit of a scenery add on junkie, so I thought it would be good to share our experiences both good and bad on the scenery and airports add ons that are out there.

Might even give others a few tips on what up buy.

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I like default, looks good and saves money.


I’ll start two I’ve just bought are the orbx Edinburgh that is just stunning and the new central Britain add on also from orbx both highly recommended

The central Uk one is great especially if like me you live in this area. York Leeds Newcastle etc never looked so good. And Whitby is stunning.


There’s plenty of real good free ones available. The two that immediately come to mind for me, are the Iceland Overhaul, and Project Coastline Tuscany.

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Simwings Munich
Gaya Vienna
Pryeegue Edinburgh
Aerosoft Cologne
Orbx Gothenburg
Fly Tampa Copenhagen
We Love VFR (free)
Gatwick (free)

Orbx GB Central is OK but I found some of the models especially around West and South Yorkshire pretty poor.

Also recommend checking out some of the featured airports on flightsim.to


Drzewiecki KDCA is really good.

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Just flight Romantic Wings (Solomon Islands) is quite good especially if you have a WW2 aircraft like the Milviz Corsair. You can also use the included assets/objects to populate the airfields and seas as much as you like. Using free WW2 radio transmissions (songs/speeches etc) which you can get online it is quite immersive for an occasional change in pace.

If you’re into cities, the Seattle Landmarks and Las Vegas add-ons look outstanding and run really well on SU5.

If you like that one then be sure to grab the orbx-mesh-iceland that’s free in Orbx Direct.

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Yes I do have that, and should have mentioned it here. It’s also excellent!

Bijan’s seasons mod is my favorite payware scenery add on. Adds a ton of variety to trees, including fall tree colours, winter trees with no leaves, and lots of new tree varieties. He even adds fields of flowers and gorse. It changes the entire planet. It’s on the in game market place but do not buy it from there, get it from Simmarket. It’s cheaper and he updates literally every week.

Another essential, but freeware from flightsim.to is the We Love VFR mod. So far there are two mods, one covering Europe and North Africa, the other covering the Americas, with Asia on the way.
It adds in accurate placements of masts, communication towers, radar stations, chimney towers etc. It’s truly transformative, and completely free of charge.

Another free essential is the global shipping mod. It adds thousands of accurate cargo and ferry routes, hundreds of different ships, and brings the oceans alive.

Those three add ons transform the whole of MSFS and for me are the starting point for a better looking game world.


Aerosofts Cologne/Bonn, Trondheim, Paderborn. Simwings Hamburg, Munich, Ibiza, Teneriffa Sur. My favorites.

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OrbX Scotland was always the best:

I wonder if they will do that for Flight Sim 20, absolutely hope they will! Always loved OrbX and the special colour grading they used for the satellite images and the mood flair and optics the flight sim had with these.

I don´t know if there any sceneries available for Flight Sim 20 yet, as far as I have noticed all of them are just airports.
I you are a bush-flyer you should have a look at this:

Orbx Sydney is outstanding.


I bought Taburet DEM (digital elevation model) packs for Italy, Canary Islands, France and Switzerland. They are not completely perfect but add so much more immersion when it comes to how the mountains look like. Espcially if you’ve been there. They are currently cheapest at flightsim.com.

There are also some very good free DEM packs for Austria, Dolomites, German Alps and New Zealand by Mikeat and Troglodytus at flightsim.to. They round up the packages nicely and work together quite well.

I got a truck load of photogrammetry freeware cities you can try.

No melted textures and pop on in these one!


Yes to they do as they’ve just released their first scenery for central Britain

Basically northern England

Completely agree. The difference between standard and Orbx in the Sydney area is night and day, it also runs very well in VR for me.

I may consider myself an Orbx junkie now, I’ve bought a number after Sydney and whilst some may be slightly better than others (it’s all fairly subjective) none have disappointed.

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none after SU 5, wait for the bugs and glitches to get fixed first. there are so many…

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I got the Bush legends mod giving me some great liveries but also a float version of the Cub Crafter, not really needed since SU5 offered floats and skis ….but anyway. That made me look for great places to use my sea going craft and Orbx’s Sydney is great for that but I wanted more, I found the Bahamas Scenery Mega Pack was perfect and a very small download. It’s on Flightsim.to