What servers are people using who say real weather is working. Mods please don’t merge

Thank you all for the comments. Tried again on the east coast server first flight and it was just way off. The airport I arrived at should have been overcast but broken clouds. I will keep doing tests. I notice ATIS reports 0000 Zulu when in reality I’m at 0700 Zulu. There is some time issue going on.

What’s funny is I actually bet it’s a simple fix but nobody is actually looking at it. I don’t envision the Asobo team really digging into it that much even though they say they are. Just was my impression from Alpha and Beta as well.

How do you know / choose what server is used?

Hello everyone,

As most of the issues related to live weather are in the backlog, I just want to share few elements to keep in mind. This won’t solve everything but can prevent some confusion:

Please use the LiveWeather button at bottom-left of the screen, this will set the LiveWeather correctly and not just the Live time. If you use the button at top-right image , this will only set the time to live.

Also, after a flight session, if you go back to the world map and select a new place for another flight session, Weather presets will be activated instead of the LiveWeather!

Again, this won’t solve all issues linked to live weather but might help understand what’s happening with the weather settings.


West Europe, never had a problem.

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Just tried switching between North, and West Europe while checking three airports in both the sim and Littlenavmap.

EGUL - 240@15
EGUN - 260@15
EGSC - 240@15

In the sim, all three are 225@15.

The closest weather station I could find in LNM was Marham (EGYM) which was 230@15, but in the sim its 220@21. For my purposes it’s close enough, but I realise that is not the case for others.

What I was hoping to see what a nearby station that all three were using as the source, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Windy.com tends to align closed to LNM/NOAA than the sim.

It’s close, but where it excels is the cloud representation. Where I sit, looking out my window, I spawn at EGUN, and fly the drone the 8 miles to sit over my home, and I can see a very similar view in the sim to that of my window!

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No idea what server I’m on but live on US east coast. I’ve had real wx on the west coast, east coast, and Europe.

West European server. Apart from aggressive lightning all the time I think it’s fairly accurate.

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This may indicate an issue in your Windows time settings, or in the time settings of MSFS itself. I am located in the US eastern time zone, which at the moment is UTC -4 hours. I have a digital wall clock which displays in 24-hour format, and I keep it set to UTC. Whenever I check ATIS in MSFS with Live Weather active, it always reports the correct Zulu time.

In Windows 10, my local time is set to the US Eastern zone, with the option to automatically adjust for daylight savings time selected “on”. I do have the Windows clock set to display time in 24-hour format rather than AM/PM.


Thank you. I will double check that.

It’d be very strange if servers were somehow different from each other. Would imagine they all have the exact same data.

US Eastern server is seriously busted. I used “live” weather tonight for the 2-hour flight from KJFK (New York City) to KBNA (Nashville, Tennessee). I took off at about 5:00 pm Eastern time to murky clouds and a setting sun (okay so far) but with precip visible on weather radar.

As I descended across Kentucky for the PASLEY4 arrival to an ILS on Runway 20R in Nashville, there were storms and lightning all over the place - good thing I was planning on a practice ILS approach because I couldn’t even see the runway lights until I was about 5 miles out an 3,000’ MSL (about 2,400’ AGL) with lightning all over the place.

As it happens, in the real world, it was a cloudy but dry day here in this area, with no rain forecast at all until tomorrow, and certainly not thunderstorms and lightning.

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the weather seems better as of today. for the first time in the Northeast, PA, I am seeing accurate weather. Its pretty stunning. I think they strengthened the signal finally. Also, the thunderstorms are gone…right now anyway, again for the first time. Hopefully this is good news in the future.

Same here, weather has been either exactly as it should be, or an hour or so out.

Just checked EGUN again:

windy.com has 260@12
https://en.allmetsat.com/ has 260@12 gusting 20
Littlenavmap has 180@9 but that is from last night, not today for some reason. The two above were within half an hour.
In-sim we have 225@18

For Littlenavmap, it looks like it downloads NOAA data from the “cycles” folder, which appear to be yesterdays reports, but if you look at EGUN.txt, instead of “11Z.txt” for example, then it is up to date.

live weather doesn’t work for me either. Its broken.

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It’s so weird it works for some and not for others. SO WEIRD!!

Except 24/7 thunderstorms.

South Asia Server. Real weather everytime a fly. About 400hrs sim time

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After latest update real weather still not working. It’s interesting however to see what the weather is doing. I’m in Hawaii at Bradshaw and there is lightning several miles away from the airport but it’s giving me daytime lightning with crazy wind. Real weather is no wind but some clouds. I fire up REX real weather and it gives me very close to actual forecast weather. No lighting at the airport.

So the sim is injecting something but it’s just all screwy. It’s know there is an answer here but it appears nobody knows what it is.

I happen to see I was using the East Coast servers

Might want to check out this thread for a more active and up to date discussion.

For me, one of the most outspoken critics of live weather not working, it is now working for me, at least for tonight, in spectacular fashion.