What is going on with live weather?

Dear all,

I’m wondering if anybody recognises this issue. I’ve recently tested live weather at multiple European airports including Groningen (EHGG), Rotterdam (EHRD), Dusseldorf (EDDL), Zurrich (LSZH), Innsbruck (LOWI), Rijeka (LDRI) and Dubrovnik (LDDU), all of them are giving me more or less the same ATIS not corresponding to the actual real world weather or weather displayed in the simulator (which is also off from the real world weather.

In other words, real world weather, weather in FS2020 and weather from the ATIS are three different realities. At this very moment in Dubrovnik in FS2020:

  • Wind Calm
  • 3 km visibility (although visibility is actually much higher i.e. unlimited in the sim)
  • Few at 500 ft (but not visibile)
  • Few at 4200 ft
  • Few at 12200 ft
  • Temperature +15C
  • Dewpoint +10 C
  • QNH 30.10 inHg (converted 1019,30 hPa)

And of course lightning and thunder…

The actual weather according to the latest METAR:

  • Wind 080/05
  • Temperature +15
  • Dewpoint +12
  • QNH 1021 hPa

Anybody else experiencing the same? Because this doesn’t look very CAVOK to me:


The live weather is currently bugged. Not working.


The weather is pretty hit or miss right now… Mostly a miss for me, or several hours late. I use Unreal weather addon, might even get Rex in the future. Maybe Asbobo might sort it out one day. The odd thing… The game can render the weather just fine and it looks great, but the actual weather data feed and injection is just broken.


What I’m getting is not just out of date or slightly off, it’s just complete nonsense somehow. Where on Earth does it get this input from? It must come from somewhere…

I can’t recall the name, but you are correct a 3rd party company feeds in the weather data… Blue something I think.

Yes, I read that the Blue something company only provides a live weather ‘prediction’ but if that is not the case then perhaps the weather like many other features is currently still broken but may be fixed in time to exploit the Xbox segment. We have to be patient and continue to beta test the sim while we enjoy it as far as sometimes possible.


Live weather is currently broken. I’m getting thunder and lightning now for the majority of flights. Even when there’s only scattered clouds. If you go to world map, there are storms everywhere! Something clearly isn’t right

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Meteo Blue


Live weather is currently broken. Im using REX Weather addon for now and it definitely cleans up the weather as its supposed to (Tegucigalpa, Honduras comes to mind). Say what you want about METAR injection methods, but Rex definitely makes the experience less aggravating.

You could also try Unreal weather, its free works like Rex weather

I don’t agree. It does not work correctly for me and it makes no sense for FS2020 users to pay extra just because Live weather is currently broken. But thanks for your opinion.

Agree, and its free unlike Rex weather. I also don’t like 3rd party weather suppliers that want to exploit the current live weather issue. New users should know that they don’t have be pay extra.


I guess I’ll have to try Unreal. “Live” weather seems to be picking up cloud layers and maybe visibility, but missing everything else, including the altimeter setting. No matter where I go, including KGSO, all I get is 29.92, which is nowhere close to KGSO currently:
KGSO 032154Z 26005KT 10SM FEW250 16/M01 A3022 RMK AO2 SLP233 T01561006

QNH and Temperature / Dewpoint seem to be the only accurate parameters in Europe, clouds, wind and visibility are wrong here.

Wish I had known of the unreal alternative… Lesson learned. Google google google.

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Well, I just tried Unreal, and it’s even farther off than Live. According to KGSO in-sim ATIS, the temp and dewpoint are both 13°C with 9 Miles visibility. It takes an all-day soaking rain to get close to 100% humidity here. The actual relative humidity here at the moment is only 39%! And I’m still getting 29.92 for an altimeter setting.

Edit: I read the Unreal page again and got an API token installed in the java file. The dewpoint is still high, but the rest is closer. It even gave me something close to the right altimeter.

Yes - something is certainly screwy about the dewpoint at the moment. Just did a flight into Burke Lakeside at Cleveland OH, so thought I’d take a look at how MSFS matched reports:

Vis 3
QNH 30.21
Wind 212/25
cloud Few 600/4300/12200
Temp 7
Dew 10

Vis 10
QNH 30.10
Wind 200/11
cloud Clear
Temp 13
Dew 1 (Based on 41% humidity reported)

However, the weather that appeared in the sim matched the METAR fairly well, but not the ATIS I was hearing on the radio.

Here’s AI Co-pilot Charlie taxiing to parking. As you can see, clear - no cloud and good vis. With Temp 7 dewpoint 10, I’d expect to be in fog…

Exactly the same, wherever I go according to the ATIS I always have 3 km visibility, one layer of clouds (Few) between around 500 ft, one layer (Few) around 4000 ft and one around 12000 ft. Temperature, Dewpoint and QNH are a few degrees or hPa off but reasonably accurate (at least where I have been flying around).

The visibility in the sim is unlimited in this case, but there are way too much clouds generally, often in CAVOK or NCD its broken to overcast often with lightning… It doens’t seem to make any sense.

Yes the ‘visibility 3’ seems to have replaced the 3mph wind as a universal constant :slight_smile:

Also noticed 3 cloud level report everywhere. When the actual weather is clear, the flights I’ve made last couple of nights have been in ‘clear weather’ with a report of ‘few-few-few’…

To be fair (and ignoring the ‘reported’ weather), what I have actually seen has mostly been reasonable.

The Report Card should read, ‘Good effort. Has made some progress. Must try harder.’

To be fair (and ignoring the ‘reported’ weather), what I have actually seen has mostly been reasonable.

It’s a different story here unfortunately, the real world weather, reported weather in FS2020 and actual weather in FS2020 live three very different lives :sweat_smile: :joy:. And then there is the problem of frequent thunder and lightning without CBs :neutral_face:.

Ahh I wasn’t going to mention the thunder and lightning - I have suffered that too! Since last hotfix, I’ve been flying mostly Midwest USA and real weather has been pretty clear. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been finding a closer match.

I have been suffering badly from high altitude wind though :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: