What should I buy next: Quadrant or Pedals

The question is, how many of these 12 are pilots IRL and hence do they know what to expect from rudder pedals or how the work IRL?

I totally hear you @PZL104, but bear in mind I’ve only counted votes on which to get first, and I’m reading that people have loved having even cheaper pedals, and I’m not a real pilot either so to be honest my standards will be lower than experienced folk like yourself!

Plus of course if I don’t like 'em, I can always send them back.

I think you will be quite happy with any pedals you get. I can only see this from a pilots POV, and thinking about it, the added immersion will outweigh the difficulties for non-pilots. :slight_smile:

Furthermore you already know that precise directional control will be a bit more difficult, hence your expectations are more ‘realistic’.

On more item. Crosswind landings are definitely easier with pedals than with a twisty joystick.

I got pedals before the thrust lever quadrant, although I appreciate both equally now, I’d say pedals before thrust lever quadrant. One advantage of the Thrustmaster pedals is that they can plug into the thrust lever unit once you have it. Now just waiting for the flaps/gear/speedbrake add-ons to become available to complete the set as hunting for the buttons on the joystick base in the dark is a bit of a faff.

Got the same setup (Alpha and Bravo), my Pendular rudder pedals will be delivered tomorrow.
Can’t wait to finally turn off the rudder assistant in the settings of the game :smiley:

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I have this same question…but I heard someone saying pedals break easily. Is that true?

They are awesome. When I got them I was a complete newcomer to flight sim and I thought they were broken because my plane kept veering left on the runway. Get ready to autocorrect else you’ll quickly end up on the grass!

You get what you pay for.

You can get sim pedals from $50 to $500 and above.

I had a set of CH Pro Pedals last me 20 years and they were all plastic. I replaced them with Virpil Interceptors which are all aluminum and I expect they will out live me. And for the cost, they better.

You can still find CH Pro Pedals in the world, even new. They are ok for accuracy, and mine at least lasted a very long time. But they don’t hold a candle to the newer hall-effect sensors etc as far as precision.


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