What software do I need for Quest 2?

Hi guys, What software do I need to get for the Quest 2 Headset? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You’ll need Oculus Software for starters.

Some will say you need the Oculus Tray Tool, OpenXR Developer Tools and/or Virtual Desktop depending if you want to go down the rabbit hole that is wireless!

I’ve found that with the right drivers and careful optimisation I don’t actually need the tray tool or OpenXR as it runs fine out the box and I don’t notice any difference at all. And I have experimented a lot.

On Nvidia at the time of writing, a clean installation of 457.30 drivers gives the best performance.

You’ve no doubt seen CptLucky’s fantastic guide on this forum. It’s useful for Quest2 as well because there are many cross-over principles to follow.

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OpenXR Dev tools are only for WMR headset so completely useless for oculus headset.

Yes, as I said, “some will say…”

Hi there, Thanks for the replies and help…I was thinking about using the link cable , I think that’s what’s called.

I use it however it can get heavy on your head so it’s important to support it.

Oculus sell a fibre optic one for $80 or thereabouts but I use a standard compatible cable from Anker (on Amazon) for about $25.

Saying that, the fibre optic cable is much lighter - search on YouTube for various videos re the cable and the Q2 for VR in FS.

OK, thanks for the information.

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