What the heck are these instructions from Asobo about the Beta

“We recommend all beta participants leave the flight before January 13th. Once you leave the flight, PC users will receive an update to the sim. If you have not left the flight by January 13th, you will be removed automatically and receive an update on that day.”

This makes no since. Leave the flight??? Do you mean shut the sim down? I’ve done that many times and downloaded an update prior to today that updated my sim (I was on the beta). Now I’m locked out of the sim with it saying get the update from the store that has no update to give me. Can these instructions be more clear and what the heck am I going to do now as the sim is updated that’s why there’s no updates in the store but the sim doesn’t know that…

Check the official announcement from last week which contained the instructions.

At a high-level; MS-Store and Steam users have different instructions on how to leave a Beta, but they must both do so at the MS-Store and/or Steam Client and explicitly exit the Beta using those respective Stores’ client software. Then launch the sim to receive the Production update.

I think it means, leave the Beta program, by un-subscribing from the Beta, on the Fs-Insider section ??

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I did this a couple weeks ago. Going into the XBOX insider hub has nothing for me because I already left the beta/preview.

Did this a couple weeks ago. I removed myself from the beta and installed the update that came down. This is crazy…

Leave? Crazy, why not just let it run and then upload the next beta patch at some point?
Oh yes, create bandwidth on the servers in the short term…

Why easy when it can be also complicated…

I just uninstalled the sim and reinstalled it with the same results. Looking for an update that is not there on the store. This is crazy as it gets…

Game of the …MS Install Simulator 2k :joy:

This is absolutely insane. I backed up my community folder and uninstalled the sim then reinstalled it. It’s still looking for an update from the store. Not sure where the sim is located now as I renamed all old folders after this happened the first time. This must be tied to my account. I don’t even know where the sim is installed anymore. This is unbelievable…

Tell me about it – what a __________ !!!

SO many issues with Installing and Updates, require users to be an IT professional, when in reality, it should all be controlled by the update program – Its this sort of things that Computers do best – provided, of course, that they are programmed correctly.

MSFS aside, with its issues, the fact that MS/Asobo can’t even put together a clean, modern, “idiot proof” Installation & update program for MSFS, is a clear indication why so much other aspects of MSFS are also so “Messed up”.

I really would have expect better from Microsoft


Thank God I bought the Steam version

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If you had your Packages installed in default (i.e., the sim installer picked it for you), even leaving the Beta cleanly was no guarantee that you wouldn’t have to install the sim again. That was explicitly stated three separate times during the Beta signups.

Even those who did have the Packages installed in custom locations - some did end up having to pull the whole sim down, but the majority of custom path Beta testers did not.

A flight is what Microsoft calls a beta.

With all due, I haven’t had a single issue updating from beta to release. Not once. I think some just aren’t necessarily computer literate (ie they don’t pay attention that the sim is pointing the install or update to their C drive when they have it installed on their D drive, as an example). Not sure that’s Asobo’s fault?

This was truly a learning experience. FS2020 is actually easy to reinstall. Your folder with all your settings is retained if you go into ‘Add Remove’ and uninstall the program. The big thing is you have to back up your community folder or make it a habit to back up your community folder. When the sim has an issue do a backup then delete the community folder in your main FS directory (again it’s backed up), go uninstall the application. From there go to the Microsoft Store and reinstall it. Reboot your machine, launch FS, point it to your old location and it’s back up in record time. The sim will give some weird install location so you’ll have to manually point it to the old location. Then just copy back your community folder and that’s it. Defrag your drive if you’re not on a solid state. Took me 20 minutes at the most to have my full sim back once I got around the patch waiting loop. I had to do a complete shut down and then power back up. From there it found what it needed and loaded up.

So all in all after years of FS9/P3D I never seen a turnaround like this for a sim with the number of add-ons I have installed. Yes things like FSDreamteams scenery may have to be reinstalled with their weird registration (haven’t tried it yet as I’m in the middle of a defrag) but again FS2020’s ease of use is amazing. So with the frustration I got a chance to see how quick in a disaster situation I can bring the sim back. If my computer died or I had a HD failure as long as I made regular backups of my community folder 20 minutes at the most is all that’s needed (a HD failure would have me redoing all my FS settings as there’s no folder to go back to). Asobo botched this once again but just the same in a bind I now know what to expect with a reinstall.

I’ve found that the best place to update is with the XBOX app on PC. No need to uninstall. The MS Store hasn’t worked consistently for the last handful of updates. The update took me a few minutes tops.

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