What the purpose of the Paris Scenery Packs now that we have WU4 with France Included?

I see that Landmarks Paris City Pack from ORBX and Paris Land Marks from PREALSOFT are on sale in the Marketplace.

With the new WU4 which includes France do they add anything that wasn’t added with the update?

Anyone own any of them and say if any are worth buying. I have a hard time passing up sales :slight_smile:

For ORBX, you have more landmark as Mont Valerien, Seine Musicale, Tour Horizon… Military zone are covered.
Old existing landmarks (as Tour Eiffel) had also better night light.

It’s better to consider Orbx / Prealsoft as finish for have the best version of Paris. Do not consider them as a “need to buy”.

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Seems like ORBX is more popular and more polished. I’m thinking about getting it.

Couldn’t help myself and bought the ORBX one.

Just a question: I purchased the Orbix City Pack and it is in my community folder but it does not appear in the sim. It says “Waiting”. Anyone has an answer to that issue?

You may not want to use it yet. Wait until it’s updated to be compatible with WU4. The current recommendation is to not have the Paris Landmarks active.