What to put in Co Route (FMC)

What do I enter in the fmc where it says “Co Route”?

I fly on the series x, as far as I can recall, either you input the CO Route using simbrief export or if you’re using the vanilla CS777 without mods, leave it blank. It should not affect your flight plan in any way.

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You can just enter your departure and arrival ICAO’s as one word, such as EGLLEGPH.

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Can I do this on the CS777-300er to? And will I have to enter the route myself?

Where does it say CO Route in simbrief?

That feature is used in the real aircraft to call up a route that has been saved internally.
The route name is normally made when the route is saved in the FMC.
It doesn’t function in most of the base sim aircraft, but some of the more comprehensive third party aircraft do have that capability.