What to take in the absence of ils for a track?

LFMN runway 22 L has no ILS. Which approach term should you take depending on the wind, when the flight plan tells you to take this runway to land and enter it in the RAD / NAV page of the MCDU?

On the charts (as checked in Navigraph Charts) I see some VOR approaches (which means there’s no vertical guidance) and an RNP approach (which means it’s RNAV – GPS based – but requires that your aircraft’s avionics be suitably certified for that level of accuracy).

Note you should use the approach that’s assigned by ATC. ATC shouldn’t assign you an ILS approach since there isn’t one.

Visual approach as IRL.
The final approach is way too short for any instrument approach.
If you want, you can put AZR into the RADNAV page, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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You’r right, I’d tried that

I would just tune to their VOR (109.65) and set course for 220 only as a sort of guide and just visual my way in.

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