What was your first plane that you guys started off with in the Sim?

Hi there, I was just curious what your first plane that you guys started out with in the Sim? Mine was the Cessna 152. What are your most interested planes? TIA…

C172 Steam Gauge
G36 Bonanza
G58 Baron


Hi fun question!

For me it started this year in februari after I finished building my pc just for this sim.
I started with a short little test flight around the bay area in San Fransisco in a Cessna 172. Shortly after I dived into those amazing bushflights. The Balkan tour was the one I took first and fell in love instantly with VFR flying.
After completing 5 tours I stopped doing these bushtrips as problems came to light.
I really do hope these problems get fixed in future updates.

I continued to fly VFR and started my own “poi hunter” series.
I bought an aeronautical map of the UK, a plotter and a E6B flight computer and started making flightplans. Why calculate fuel?

I found this very fun and educational. With these poi hunter series I chased down every poi in a Cessna 172 in the UK planning the flights on paper.
It was absoluty an amazing and fun experience and can highly recommend this way of planning.

My interest in vfr flying grew and so I bought my first more realistic plane. The just flight Turbo arrow.

I have lots of fun flying this plane for its realism.

I also bought the DC6, the Seneca V and the Junkers.

With these planes I love to fly more with the use instruments.

Cheers Mark


I started with the C172 and the FBW A320.

Picked up the JF Piper Arrow III and then CRJ…. So many great aircraft are now available I have a hard picking what I am going to fly from time to time. :wink:


Boeing 747

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Classic (I know) boring C152

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Started in the 152 to learn the basics of flight and navigating with VOR.

The installed JOL mod to start learning basic AP.

Now in the Steam 172. Next is Carenado 182 for complex single then I’ll move onto twin and then start with small jets. I want to fly the airlines when I’m ready :slight_smile:


I probably should have done that too. I figured I’d learn by crashing. After a while I found the manuals to most of the planes online and picked up the big nuggets to keep me from running into mountains.

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TBM & Baron 58.

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That works as well :slight_smile:

I signed up for VATSTAR and completed the Ground school course they have (VATSIM training partner) and then pritned out the POH’s for the aircraft I fly and the checklist manuals and would study those.

And then watch every youtube turotial on those aircraft I could find along with anything else on how to read META, NOTAM’s, Charts, GPS’ etc…

So much to learn and it’s all fascinating :slight_smile:

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The C208 and A320

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The Cessna 152.

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TBM as an Alpha tester. Upon release CJ4 then w/t version.

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Cessna 172


i actually don’t remember. Probably a 172 then an a320.

The more interesting question should be: What was the first addon you bought for FS2020. Mine was the Flightbeam KDEN

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My first ever aircraft that I start in flight simulator was the 747-400 on FS2002 Professional Edition. But for MSFS (2020), my first aircraft that I flew was the 787-Dreamliner.

Now I just exclusively fly the FBW A32NX, or the Headwind’s A330-900neo.

Xcub, for many hours.

I use Xplane 11 and was interested in the comparison between it and MSFS so I initially went with the C172 as it’s pretty much default in every sim. I like to spend a bit of time getting to know each aircraft and have flown a few for several hours. I’m currently enjoying the C208 and looking forward to the release of the Kodiak hopefully soon.