What we need is for MSFS to be able to receive and draw shared data from an external source

With the recent launch of the GTN trainee for Fs2020, we need it to import and export data to the simulator to have it modeled within the Cockpit for example, without that we have to have an open window and etc …, it would not be too complicated if you did that

I’m not sure what you mean by this? Do you mean the GTN 750 mod? If so, both it, and the 530 mod, can pull in data from outside the flight sim.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your meaning.

No but yes to the GTN trainee launching by TDS Simulation yesterday, the 530 mod has nothing to do with it



Interesting, I hadn’t seen that before. I wonder how this compares to the existing GTN 750 mod we have been using. I can see this is a one-off payment, and not a subscription, so that’s a plus.

But I wonder about integration. It wasn’t clear on the website how this works, but I guess we won’t be seeing it in the virtual cockpit, so is only really of use to those with a second monitor to host it.

There is not much activity on the support forums, but there is a post which states they got it working with the Real Sim gear product, and that has me very interested.

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yes, there is integration with the simulator, the only limitation is that we can see in the virtual cockpit that this is not their job, they depend on the asobo for that

If they go on to do a 530 I would definitely buy the pair, plus the RSG hardware for sure.

What about Navigraph integration? I think this might be something for their forums.

Navigraph integration is a difficult point, since GTN TRAINE is used, exactly as in real life, the package comes with the 630 and 750. I didn’t want to deviate from the main subject here, we want to see it in the virtual cabin one day , and it depends on the asobo

True, but until that happens there is an existing 750 mod that does just that.

PMS50 is good project but their GTN can offer only basic functions, TDS Simulation based on Garmin software and you can do much more (most features from real-world instrument), like Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance, obstacles database and etc.

Until even C: VARs are fully utilized, except for those that use the internal GPS module, external sources are difficult to connect to interaction. We are waiting for the introduction of the use of these variables. Although there are already external WASM modules that allow not only to use not only external sources and applications, but also completely replace even the flight model and control control.

Hey Alexey! Yeah, i shared your links and we appreciate your help. But now we need access to “install GTN” into the cockpit (as it works in P3D or XP).