What would be the proper category for flight plan questions?

Hello, what would be the proper category for asking about IFR flight plans? I would like to better understand how waypoints are used on departures and approaches. When I create a flight plan (with the 172/Garmin 1000) and select IFR low-altitude airways, then filter to show NAVAIDS, I expected to see waypoints added to the map. The drop down menus for selecting an approach or departure show all sorts of named waypoints, but I don’t see them on the map. I also noticed that ATC was directing me around different waypoints. Some of them were visible on the Garmin second screen and some weren’t.

At this point I don’t want a full tutorial on IFR flying, just wondering why I don’t see most of the waypoints on the flight plan map or the Garmin 1000 screen.


Hi there , I’m not exactly sure but I think that there are problems with the Garmin 1000.

@PeterE1959 also wondering about the flight planning map

Hi @WorkablePlate24!
Please feel free to post this in #flying:world-discovery
It’s for discovering new places, planning and discussion! :slight_smile:

If you are using a specific aircraft that is default to MSFS, you can also post in one of the sub-categories in this main category:


Happy flying!

The low altitude airways are going to show you enroute fixes and some transition fixes. The terminal fixes (approach fixes, SIDs, STARs) won’t show up on the low altitude chart. The high altitude chart will show STAR and SID fixes. The MSFS world map just isn’t a good source for detailed flight planning. Something like Little Navmap or Simbrief will show you all of the fixes and allow you to export the flightplan into MSFS where you can use the LOAD function in the world map to get it into your flight.

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