What would make MSFS "complete" for you?

Other than bugs being ironed out and finally receiving great study level airliners such as pmdg 737s and 777. What would complete this sim for me is having the 2D quality graphics in VR. 2D is just gorgeous looking while VR, although very immersive, is behind in graphics.

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I hope they fix stability and performance issues first.
Then maybe look at weather realism, things like Clear Air Turbulence, better snow coverage, wind shear, Aurora Borealis. The atmosphere is the single most important thing in a flight simulator.


I look at a vanilla flight sim to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

So things like ATC and perfect weather don’t bother me so much, a 3rd Party can improve them, but out of the box I can plan and fly VFR and IFR flights at no added cost, and I get a rough approximation of current weather conditions.

Same goes for planes. I don’t expect study level from
a vanilla package. 3rd parties can add that immersion if I want it.

What I DO want is gliders, helicopters, and missions… as those have traditionally been a part of every major MSFS release right out of the box. This one feels… lacking because it doesn’t provide those aspects of flight for people with the vanilla game.

And a robust SDK for third parties to fully flesh the world out. For those of us who want that type of experience.


If this has been done already, I haven’t seen nor heard about it, but is there now or any plans for multiple monitor support?

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Look in #community:news-and-announcements for the latest Development Update and then under Feedback Snapshot.

The latest one as I post this is:
[BLOG] February 24th, 2022 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Always, performance and graphics features.

Particularly, I’d like to see ray traced reflections in cockpit interiors, as the current screenspace method isn’t solid when the cockpit is reflecting in the windshield but isn’t actually visible (the reflection cuts out).

Ray traced global illumination in cockpit would also be nice.

Those two features would go a long way to providing quite photo realistic interiors with the right modelling and texturing work (Fenix A320 is looking amazing, for eg).

DX12 DLSS to bring back performance :wink:

Apart from this, anything to enhance weather really. Brownish smog over polluted cities, a greater diversity of cloud formations(?, already very good), etc.

New fluid dynamics stuff looks very promising.

Already very happy with the way things are. MSFS already offers so much, looks gorgeous, and there are some great community mods that improve things like avionics to a high degree. Most stuff I thought lacking more than a year or so ago is here now.

Amazing sim :slight_smile:

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Currently I want the Maddog MD-80 and the FTDi MD-11 most :slight_smile:
Oh - and bringing back the absolute awesome 2020 Beta release clouds.

i would like to see a commercial rating class, also the ifr class would be nice if it was done in a steam gauge 172 including gps approach.

Procedurally correct and regional ATC.

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I would love to have it so that there is some kind of career mode I don’t know how it would work, and I also know that this is probably not going to be possible for this game at least.

My real problem right now is the fact that the replay is kind of broken at the moment because when recording a camera track for external and showcase it just focuses on a random point and does not work.

When you bump into a mountain it really hurts. :blush:

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A “flybywire” quality stock A320.

Early Alpha night lighting, better aerodynamics (more inertia, less twitchy), the flight-visibility controls / native support for all cloud-types promised almost 2 years ago, and the addition of the many missing functions to the garmins.


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Dreaming on… thx @Hester40MT for the reopen. MSFS has beautiful water masks, that is in the coastal regions and lakes, you find colors resembling real world algae,

… however MSFS water masks often have a narrow palette. There’s green, blue and yellow, sometimes with a shade of orange or purple, but you always find a single hue, and a desert-like texture. In the real world, these colors can vary, in swirling shapes, depending on the type of algae that grow in the water. Now suppose… MSFS could map these algae species to specific locations, also in the open sea there are algae… below the Southern Atlantic Ocean, phytoplankton


Bing has gathered a lot of these images and Bing is an MSFS parner.
Check out the Bing overview


The thing that would make the sim complete again is to have varied winds on ground to make the landings more challenging. It’s too easy to land right now with constant windspeeds over ground. I really hope the improved air flow model in future updates will fix this issue.


I didn’t think it was particularly easy when I had to land a C172 into a 35 knot head wind recently, it wasn’t pretty!

Seasons. Can’t wait until MS/Asobo implement that for us.

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