What would make MSFS "complete" for you?

I want to ask this question to everyone: What are a few things that if added/fixed, would make this sim feel “complete” for you?

Everyone is different, and we should understand that what some users feel is very important for them will not have any relevance for another user. For instance I know a lot of people use VR, for me I’m not interested at all but I understand that poor VR performance/implementation is game braking for some.

Here are 3 things that are most important for my flight sim experience that I’d love to see implemented/fixed:

1 - Live Weather/Online services reliability
The current state is an absolute shambles, constant issues with almost all online services e.g. current live weather state/azure services dropping out etc etc.

For it to feel complete?
Live weather working reliably, visibility and wind data with use of METARs and good integration into the sim’s Live Weather engine.
I don’t know if its possible with the current weather engine but having a historical weather option would make multiple leg flights over time more realistic.

2 - AI aircraft behaviour
Back in FSX, even though the AI system wasn’t perfect, it was functional.
Move forward to MSFS, and its completely broken. Half the time AI won’t land at an airport, they just circle round. Even though it was supposedly “fixed”, lights often don’t show on AI aircraft.
And lets not start on the “… please expedite your descent/climb to …”

For it to feel complete?
AI aircraft actually behaving like real world air traffic.

3 - ATC improvements
Currently, ATC works… just. Its not perfect, but 95% of the time it does perform its intended purpose.

For it to feel complete?
A complete rework. I know its a lot to hope for but :crossed_fingers:
What I’d love to see?
The ability to request a different runway for departure/arrival.
Initial departure/arrival altitudes, also ties into the flight planner to be able to set different levels for different legs of a flight.
Alternate arrival airports/request diversion
(I know these next two are big asks but one can dream)
Pilot controlled lighting at smaller airports as IRL
Ability to declare an emergency
All of those would make for an extensive ATC system

I know that’s a bit of a big read, feel free to comment your thoughts below and share what you want to see most in MSFS to make your flight sim experience feel “complete” :smiley:


You have a pretty good list there. I would cut them some slack on the ATC view that has always been a hard thing to nail down even on all the other Sims and platforms. I’ve never seen any do it very well…or even do it halfway well. They’ve all have some sort of issues.

I think they have finally gotten to a good spot in the development, however reliability has been a major issue. Live weather, bandwidth are definitely huge issues hopefully they can get those fixed soon

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It doesn‘t have to be complete. It just has to work with the old major bugs being sorted out finally. Updates should bring improvements instead of constantly breaking stuff that delays developement of everything else. That would be sufficient atm, the sim has a lot of great features and a huge potential but the bugs and sloppy, careless updates ruin it.


Everything you said is spot on, my only other thing would be the addition of real world liveries on the AI aircraft.


I bet most of those go arounds can be eliminated simply by increasing the taxi speed after they land. It’s ridiculous how an AI aircraft will land and crawl down the runway for almost a minute or more before exiting. How hard can that be to fix??


@JrPainkiller606 I’m referring to the instance when an AI aircraft announces its position for landing at an uncontrolled airport but instead of landing it arrives above the airfield and just circles, never lands. But yes that issue needs addressing as well.
@AndyXPO It would be very unlikely for real world liveries to be included into the base sim due to licensing requirements, I’m happy to use third party addons for these.
@autey111 Yeah I understand your point, that’s why it was third on my list. Its more of a dream that one :laughing:

Wind gusts working again in live weather, convective updrafts and downdrafts (perhaps even downbursts/microbursts), wind shear (properly implemented one, so weather radars in airliners can predict them), thermals for gliding, all cloud types (stratus, cumulus, stratocumulus, altocumulus, altostratus, cirrus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, cumulonimbus) possibly even with certain specialities like altocumulus lenticularis - that would be awesome for players to see where standing waves behind a mountain are, more optical effects (corona, iridescence, ice crystal halos).


I’ve been fortunate performance wise, with no ctd 's , stuttering, etc. I get consistent 60 fps. If atc got fine tuned along with the weather, I’m all set.

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Not only that. They also brake way too hard and come to a „stop“ where there are no exits yet at all or they turn around 150 degrees to take the high speed exit of the opposite runway. This has been a problem since AI traffic has been introduced to the Flight sim line up and has never been optimized except for external traffic providers like AIG.

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Have you watched any of the Q/As? They are getting the licences for the liveries and they will be added - we don’t know when. Jorg has said that a few times. They are working on it. :slight_smile:


VNAV implementation in airliners, stability, better HDR implementation, and better airliners.


Personally for me I’m content with MSFS for the most part, I’m just waiting for many more addons. I have loads of them for XP and P3D.

“what would make MSFS complete for you ?”

Real-time lava flowing into the sea, causing clouds of water vapor :sunglasses: (all animated of course :yum: )


What would make it complete for “me”?

  1. Fix all of the aircraft systems that were intended to be functional when msfs was released. (i.e. Autopilot and Nav equipment) without ANY ADDONS or MODS.
  2. ATC AI “Mostly” functional and logical, however, if one wants a real-life experience, suggest using a ATC system like VatSim that has real people talking to a real sim pilot.
  3. Convince MS to devote more time cleaning up and repairing the CORE system (Weather, Controls, Peripherals etc.) for a few months and let all of the Mods, Addons, Marketplace etc., settle out for a while.

Have you tried AIG’s AI Manager? It works pretty good even though still in beta at the moment. Most of the issues that need to be resolved seem to be on the Asobo side with AI functionality.


I don’t think that is the only problem. Plenty of times I have seen aircraft go around when the runway is completely clear and no other traffic in the vicinity.

And of course they never land after executing the go around :rofl:

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Thanks, I know about it, I just need to get around to installing it! Hopefully when they release it for real, it will have an installer!

Doesn’t need one, you just run the app.

Same with the AIG AI Traffic Controller app if you want to use their flight plans instead of relying on Maobo’s erratic live traffic, and actually see aircraft departing.

The sim is mostly ok for my needs as it is… I want the weird visibility and metar weather issues corrected, thats about all that is really bugging me right now.

The ATC sucks, but I never use it anyhow, and even ‘GOOD’ AI ATC isn’t really all that amazing (such as Pilot2ATC, etc). I mean it is far better than default, but it’s far short of really enhancing my experience. When I want ATC, I use VATSIM.

I don’t fly tube-liners enough to really care that the default ones are just horrible. But I do think Asobo should make good on that. I feel like I bought airplanes that don’t deliver on the promise. But I don’t really use those ones anyhow, so not too hurt about it.

I agree with many here who think they need to lay off the new content and get the core sim really running as intended. But its not troubling me so much that I can’t use it as is. Again, this is just stuff that they really should do.

Flight Sim is today and always has been what YOU make of it. In 40 years of trying it has never come out of the box as a perfect product, and for 40 years the 3rd party devs have transformed it into something better than the promise on the box anyhow.


Yep, pretty much the same points for me :slight_smile:

Reg the AI planes not landing, the simplest fix with the most gain to improve it would be to increase the taxiing speed of the planes on the runway after landing.